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  SunshineBoy21  |  0

Although, #1 could be using reverse psychology to make us believe that a true stalker wouldn't reveal their identity, thereby hiding in plain sight.

Ooooh he's a cleaver stalker :)

  TurboTalon  |  0

Today's definition of a "stalker" is really disappointing. I'm willing to bet money that OP's "stalker" messaged them to say happy birthday on facebook.


i agree with 62.
he's the only one who remembered your stupid insignificant birthday, and complaining about it is your way of saying thank you? you dont deserve to have a syalker !!

By  Rangant  |  7

did he get u something good? if he did I really need to find a stalker... my parents told me not to expect much this year so I have to increase my odds