By andi0804 - 05/08/2009 01:33 - United States

Today, it was my birthday. The only call I received was from my stalker, who sang happy birthday with a japanese accent and asked if he could be my "special present". FML
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creepy!!! how come you haven't changed your number? (it sounds like this person has been stalking you for a while from your post)


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As my second troll post, i'll take a more general aproach to this: YDI FOR BEING ALIVE. SIMPLE AS THAT

by burying me, you simply infuriate the troll, making the troll post more on all the topics. You have cuased your own demise

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YOu got a call on your birthday...your so lucky...i usually get a rock

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At someone loves you enough to remember you.

your not? cant you think of a more creative troll comment, like ydi for waiting for a phone to ring at the time you picked it up and not being in a cheese factory and sitting on expired cheese and feeding a cow purple bricks. wouldnth that be a better troll?

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hehe bummer my birthdays alway blow too good luck next year

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creepy!!! how come you haven't changed your number? (it sounds like this person has been stalking you for a while from your post)

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You probably should let him be your special present considering you have no friends.

What about me? Can I be your special present? I'm little and durable, I'll even give you a foot massage. (; Anyhow, did he replace the "l"s with "r"s? if not, he's got some learnin' to do.

habby burrdaii tu ruu habby burrdaii tu ruu!!

stalkers suck. that's unfortunate, but hilarious

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Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean that everyone has to worship you. To everyone else it's just a regular day. Why should we care that you've grown a year older. If no one wished you a happy birthday it probably means you either have no friends, so it shouldn't really be expected that no one said anything anyways. Or you don't have nearly as good friends as you thought you did.

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Why did you listen to your stalkers message? You should probably not answers calls from him.

Most of the time if a woman says she has a stalker on the internet, it's either a lie or a delusion.

Creepy and Freaky. Happy Birthday though! (: (change your number)