By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, my boyfriend tried to climb up to my third story window in the early hours of the morning. Just before he got to the top, he slipped and fell to the ground. My dad had to drive him to the hospital at 3am. FML
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  Gross2332  |  0

OP's bf was just checking his answers with her to evaluate his homework or he is insomniac and decided to come over or he just wanted to watch her sleep either way they weren't playing monopoly lol

  kingatowning  |  2

I thought he was gonna rape her. well I guess it's not rape if you yell or whisper suprise. and if she wasn't the wiser then it wouldn't be rape. and it could be wanted penetration

  theten_fml  |  9

Nah I doubt they were going to play monopoly. They were just gonna have sex. Next FML, "Today, the producers from 'Sixteen and Pregnant' told me I didn't make it on the show, FML"

  iSitt  |  0

I would have called 911 and have an ambulance take him.
then his parents would have been stuck with the bill.

plus if there been any other medical complications, it would have come up in the ambulance and not in your dads car.

  rawrriri  |  8

"Hold on sweetie let me just hook up all this safety gear! I'll be up in nooo time." I'm pretty sure that would make a lot of noise, as well