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Today, after struggling for over a year with it, and now having it medically confirmed, I told my step-dad about my depression. He gave me a disgusted look and scoffed, "Toughen up, cunt." FML
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flashback.miss 28

What? He calls you the c word and blows off your illness? horrid. stay strong, OP.

Pancakes017 19

People can be so hateful. Surround yourself with positive people. You're strong enough to get through this :)


flashback.miss 28

What? He calls you the c word and blows off your illness? horrid. stay strong, OP.

jdibartolo1 12

"probably gonna get a lot of down votes" depression is not a illness its a state of mind that you can work yourself out of it. I would know from experience I've been through a lot (watching my friends die in front of me)

jdibartolo1 12

its funny cause I knew people would down vote my comments. but all I know is that I have been through a lot more than possibly most people in this world and I'm just happy to be alive still God Bless America

KeannaLove 32

Depression is a mental illness. If people were able "work their self out of it", suicide would be non existent. Just because you were able to does not mean everyone can.

jdibartolo1 12

no trying hard enough I've seen worse things in one day then all these kiddies will see in there whole lives

Stop trying to gain sympathy. Make your point but there's no need to compare your life with other people's

Welp. The comments were removed. Just ignore this, then. Please tell me how I am supposed to just "work myself out of" the fact that the hormones in my brain are chronically imbalanced.

It's no wonder she's depressed The man is an idiot

My thoughts exactly. Well said.

Yeah OP, sorry your stepdad is a douchebagel! Stay strong!

I'm trying to understand why OP's mom chose to marry a guy like this. I haven't found an answer yet.

Get ****** Bartolo

Pancakes017 19

People can be so hateful. Surround yourself with positive people. You're strong enough to get through this :)

AliGInTheHouse 24

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As much as it was a shit thing to say what on earth are the police supposed to do about it?

AliGInTheHouse 24

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Or call children's aid? or a social worker..police don't care and this is not a police case.

What the stepfather said was perfectly legal, horrible, but legal.

Yeeeeaaah, you need a remedial course in basic law.

PSYqualiac 17

46, depending on the state, actually he could go away for up to 5 years I believe. in many states, it's 2 years for saying that. It's considered verbal domestic abuse. It's not as serious of an offense, but still isn't nice to have on the record. It depends on the history... but him knowing OP has something that is medically wrong inclining them to negative responses towards things means he is legally more responsible for what he does and says to her.

#84: Oh good, we've got a lawyer here now to clear things up.

heftysmash253 6

Or someone who knows how to use Google, dick.

Glad you're taking a step in the right direction and getting help, OP. Depression is a disease, and sadly some fuckheads like your step-father don't understand this.

AliGInTheHouse 24

I wouldn't say it was a disease; more a mental illness.

Mental illnesses count as diseases.

jdibartolo1 12

read my comments under the first post. its not a disease its a state of mind anyone can work themselves out of it just try. helping people worked for me :)

#26, just because depression doesn't always require drugs to be treated doesn't mean it's not an illness. You clearly do not understand it and hold the same misconception as OP's step-father, despite your kinder disposition. Do a little research.

Disease: a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

michaelaranda 28

Most people dont understand depression. As hard as it is, try to ignore him and focus on getting better. Good luck op.

So true. Unfortunately many people still think that depression and anxiety are things that one can just get over it they try. They still feel it's a mind over matter thing. Op: Even if your step father was uneducated about the realities and seriousness of depression and didn't realize that it's an actual illness, I don't understand why he would feel the need to call you such a horrible name! He sounds like a major douchebag and I would tell him off if I were you. Calmly explain to him that depression is a disease of which you have no control over even though you've tried, explain that doctors know that it's not a mind over matter thing, and then tell him it is not ok for him to talk to you like that and that you expect an apology. Tell him if he plans on having any type of relationship with you he will never call you names and treat you like that again, and that he will be supportive of you during this difficult time. If he refuses, then you know he's not worth having a relationship with and know to not allow yourself to care what he says or thinks because he's obviously just a jerk. Be nice but hold yourself at a distance.

It's how he was raised. When people had a problem, they got over it or solved it. Mental illnesses are honestly tricky. They can be caused by both chemical imbalance and just mentally draining traumatic events. Fighting depression is not just a medical thing. And that's why people are so afraid of classifying it as what it is.

it will be okay OP, ignore the negative and "just keep swimming"

nesteremily 31

I feel you OP, my brother calls me an attention seeker and doesn't believe there's anything wrong with me. FYL, I hope you feel better

Depression is serious , sorry for the struggle. Your stepdad needs a swift round house kick to the head.

#8 A swift round house kick by Chuck Norris?

TDog3337 12

wow, so...encouraging

Don't you just love unnecessary rudeness?