By Faaccckkk - 25/3/2013 14:48 - United States
Today, my boyfriend tried to whimsically serenade me by throwing rocks at my apartment window and singing. He got the wrong window. Another guy answered, and now he thinks I'm cheating on him. FML
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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Or maybe, he didn't think you were home and wanted to sing to the man under/above/next to your place. When people found out about his secret bromance, he needed to say he was hitting your window to reach you and this supposed stranger answered.

  NickaPLZ  |  26

65 - That and the arrow to the knee. God I hate that one...

  NickaPLZ  |  26

That's what I was thinking. My girlfriend lives in this big building where every floor and window looks exactly the same so I can see how that would happen...

Not condoning it though, he's still a dipshit for not checking first.


20, this is FML. Where you don't just jump to conclusions, you leap and frolic towards them.

In all actuality, that conclusion didn't take very far of a jump to get to. OP's boyfriend is, most definitely, dumb and/or drunk.