By Kaz - 07/05/2011 06:40 - United States

Today, I snuck out to see my girlfriend in the middle of the night. When I got to her house, I decided to throw a rock at her window to wake her up. It broke a hole in the window. FML
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TigerWoods101 0

umm... HOW big was the rock?!?


atleast he was trying to be cute....would of scared the shit out of me though.

OP you did that because there's no such thing as cell phones right? because that would make sense.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

did this remind anyone else of the music video for "check yes juliet" by we the kings? :D

duh that's what happens when you throw a rock at a window

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W0 0

why didnt you just call her?

littlemissFYL 5

this isn't the 19th ******* century, you should have pulled out your phone and texted or called the girl, idiot.

daniismiles11 0

what have people told you about life NOT beaing like the movies  and yet you try tp go shakespear ... nice 

igotnolegs 1

Ahhh i've made the classic mistake of choosing the wrong window. :/

BooGhosted 0

Well now no need to be mean, she could've just turned her phone off like lots of people do. Doesn't make him an idiot.

taylove23 1

throw something smaller next time.

TigerWoods101 0

umm... HOW big was the rock?!?

didn't you learn from the last guy who did that and posted it on this site?

About 6'5" and weighing about 260 pounds, it's the peoples' champion!

JacksonCampbell 9

It's supposed to be a PEBBLE, not a ROCK. OP is stupid. Oh, and it's "sneacked," not "snuck." I call YDI on this one.

Felix_Felicis15 8

86, it can be "snuck" or "sneaked". :)

notsocrazee 0

you must be stupid to correct someone's grammar incorrectly!

baby_dee97 8

86 you spelled sneaked wrong so don't be dissing other people on their grammar

The LAST GUY? Shit... More like: "Didn't you learn from the LAST TWELVE GUYS who did that and posted it on FML?"

he wouldnt throw a big rock so I think the real question is How cheap was the window?

agaba 0

i ******* hate grammer nazis therejust annoying and if you understand what people are saying then theres no need to correct them and i swere to ******* god if someone corrects my errors im done with comments and i did all thoes mistakes on purpouse :p

86 you fail at being a grammar freak lol. you forgot to correct the last sentence... the OP should have said "broke the window" or "made a hole in the window" unless he actually broke a hole that was already in the window. if you're going to be that person nobody likes by correcting spelling/grammar, at least correct all of it.

Felix_Felicis15 8

140, I like your moustache coffee mug.

Felix_Felicis15 8
Badtz_maru_fml 0

Not as romantic as the movies, I see.

I know, OP should've just called her, that would've woken her up.

Movies lie to people: I don't think this ever ends up without damage to the window! But hey, now you know.

EverybodyHatesCh 0

so did the parents and the whole block

SunDropGirl 0

lol the modern way of romance.... well it's why some people think I would prefer rocks but not if it broke my window(:

ya Uh I think it's supposed to be a pebble hahaha epic fail!

Got_any_grapes1 4

It matches the hole in your brain.

atleast he was trying to be romantic?