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  wallandpiece  |  16

Why? If he wants to see other girls then that's up to him. Going by the information we have in this FML, he evidently wasn't satisfied with his girlfriend. If he wasn't happy then why should he stay with her? Although it doesn't look as though they tried to make it work either.

  Metallica36176  |  16

What I got from it was after he broke up with his ex, he didn't get from I got, he didn't deserve it, but how he worded it seemed like he was obsessed with his ex and just didnt to be with anyone else. Either way I don't think he deserves it because either 1) he just wasn't that smooth and didn't get lucky which sucks or 2) he was so in love that no one could be better. Which also sucks (but people whove never expierenced love wouldnt understand and say they deserved it) Assuming they are a "he". It would be the same for a "her".

  Kazenoe  |  24

28 - If he was so in love with her, why would he break up with her to see other people? Also, I doubt many people are going to feel sympathy for him "not being smooth enough to get lucky"...

  SammyS2012  |  21

28- he broke up with his ex so he can have sex with other people; not because he loved her. The last sentence doesn't mean he's still in love, it's supposed to be ironic because his plan backfired.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Well the worst part is that he chose to dump her to see other people and it back-fired majorly. HDI big time for such a move.
OP look for a real relationship instead of just seeing girls to try and have sex and maybe you may be more successful in that department.

  mfischer  |  17

While I think that OP's situation is ironic, your comment is ridiculous. You know nothing about OP, his ex, or their former relationship. For all you know, she was a horrendous bitch and he was just looking to find someone else. Don't judge so harshly without knowing any details.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I don't see how OP really deserves it. It could have been a crappy relationship that wasn't working out. Maybe they had nothing in common. Or TOO much in common. We don't know.

  doctorhook86  |  24

5: A) Karma doesn't get you until you get reincarnated--no matter what My Name Is Earl says; and B) The OP obviously wasn't happy in that relationship, so why does he deserve to be alone for leaving it?

By dumping his ex, the OP made a much better decision than those people who stay (and even cheat) in bad relationships for fear of being alone.

By  missababgaga  |  19

If you weren't happy with how the relationship was going, then I see why you ended things. But what were you expecting? Finding another person isn't always easy. And five years is quite the gap!

  SuperGirlTaDa  |  15

23- we die at 50?:(

Also, I don't know guys, we can't know for sure what the circumstances were when they broke up, but OP does say that they did so he could "see other people", which he seems to think means boning a new chick every night. So maybe he deserves it a little for thinking that sex is all that matters.