By Anonymous - / Friday 31 August 2012 10:16 / United States
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  IndianGiver  |  8

At least, he's not drunk enough to sing "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. Now, that's an FML. But who's drunk enough to sing any of his songs anyways?

OP, it's truly the thought that counts. If your dad doesn't like it, then open his window and keep it open. That's right! Raise that BGE bill!

  MikeonFML  |  17

A lot of guys would like to do this kind of thing sober - but, if word got out they would be made fun of (since she's living with her parents it's safe to assume she's probably in high school). Being drunk makes it less awkward and gives him the perfect excuse.

By  Jf770  |  10

They say "True feelings come out when you're drunk" (Or something like that). So at least you know how much he loves you? Then again... He did go to your fathers window.

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