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  jwade11  |  12

I'm extremely proud of you OP. If I had the address I'd send you something! It would say along the lines of "thank you for serving our country. I really do appreciate you. You are amazing! I'm sure you have put so much time and energy into making our world go round. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!".

  rainydayz133  |  6

-26 I feel bad for OP but your comment makes no sense. Sometimes you do something good and don't get something back. Although you don't get something back you should still do good things for people for the sake of doing them.

  Jaded_anna420  |  11

141: Fuck yes!!! I live in the best country in the world! And the troops are the only reason I can say that. OP: I would send a letter a day if I knew what base you were at, just to say thank you for your sacrifices. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas anyway.

By  obamathellama  |  0

Forever Alone.

  blackstar994  |  5

I know he was only trying to be funny. I doubt he was trying to be an asshole. But this is not the time to be funny. If you put your self in his position you wouldn't be in the mood for that stuff. Give him some support.

  stingray112  |  24

I'm not saying that it doesn't suck, but nobody joins the military for fame and recognition, he joins it b/c of the the pride and willingness to his country. It's honestly a little sad to see you post an FML about not getting a letter if in fact you actually are in the military. If everyone who serves becomes people who all they want is fame and glory,
Then the U.S. Is screwed.

By  Sagginbackwards  |  3

Forever Alone. Even in the military.


My fiance is deployed to Kuwait, and his battalion has a Facebook page, with their mailing address. They can't post about missions or their grid location. But they don't usually say anything about the mailing.

  jarico75  |  1

91 - the mailing address for a unit is usually a battalion headquarters in the rear. That would not place the men of your husbands unit in jeopardy. Name calling is uncool.


I think my comment got misplaced. But their mailing addresses are to the bases they are stationed at, which I'm positive the locals already know are there. Not to wherever they may be on a mission. I had to mail stuff to his address in Kuwait, while he was going back and forth from Iraq. The mailing address doesn't risk any more than the base being there to begin with. It's when they start giving more specific information that gets them in trouble.

  delormanator  |  0

I got a bunch of Family in the marines n they post their mailing stuff on fb as statuses for everyone. Trust me receiving a letter from someone u may not know is pretty awesome because it shows tht people care about what they are sacrificing.