By kat - 25/12/2009 05:16 - United States

Today, I work at a debt collections center and I had to call my own father. Merry Christmas. FML
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On Christmas? Nightmare. Better be double time.

Seems like they would have regulations against that.


therkguy 0

I'm calling bullshit. I dont think you'd be doing that job on Christmas, and it would be a conflict of interest for you to call your old man and demand payment.

SweetestSin 4

Least now you know why you got jack for Christmas?

Seems like they would have regulations against that.

therkguy 0

You have to work on Christmas? That's too bad, I didn't think debt collectors had to work on Christmas! Or for the week or two on either side of Christmas!!! You should have told your boss it was a conflict of interest for you to have to call your dad. Too bad :(

thinmint 0

don't they call anonymously? bc then he wouldn't even know it was you, so rly eff his life.

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No, at least in Colorado it is required by law to identify yourself as a debt collector, and usually provide at the very least a first name, when you call.

pretty sure the dad would recognize their kids voice though

8, I think depending on how well OPs relationship with his father is, his fathe couldve easily recognized him on the phone

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Although I would expect them to not allow this, I have to say YDI for being a debt collector in the first place.

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It must be nice in your widdle fantasy high school world where everyone only gets jobs they want, and people like debt collectors always have storm clouds and lightning around them and scare babies, and no one ever only has a job for the money...

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Lots of people work jobs they don't like, but I'm not going feel bad for them because of it.

CheshireHalli 19

She's not asking for sympathy for her job. She's on here because she has to call her father on Christmas.

SnowVixen 0

I'm still failing to see how her life is ****** just because she has to do her job. It may suck that you have to call your dad. It may suck to have to work on Christmas. But that's part of her job. Get over it.

LMFAO_fail 0

...I think you, my dear, are absolutely missing the entire point of this post. At least from my perspective, I highly doubt she is actually working ON Christmas, seeing as how not even Wal-Mart is open today. So she isn't asking for sympathy about having to work, or about what her job is. Rather, I saw this as, "my father is in debt, and I had to call him asking for the money." That's horrible! To have to call your own father, who is struggling financially, and ask him to pay his debt. If my father were in such a position, I would feel like the biggest jackass in the world to have to call him.

Maybe her dad should have been paying his bills then because people are usually in trouble with debt because they don't know how to live within their means. Losers must run in the family.

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#23 Are you speaking from experience?

From experience studying this topic, yes. (1 and 3 go hand in hand.)

Debt collectors don't call on only valid debts. There are thousands of first hand accounts online where people get calls from those douchebags for stuff THEY DO NOT OWE MONEY ON.

well thats messed up but unfortunately your job has to be done