By blkchkrm - 25/12/2009 00:37 - United States

Today, I decided I was going to do something nice for my parents for Christmas. So, I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, baked cookies, and made them both Christmas cards. What did I get in return? They asked me to wrap my four year old sister's presents, and let me know I got nothing. FML
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sell her present on ebay instead?

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You definetely did not deserve that. Kinda sad to hear you did all that, but didn't receive the tiniest bit of gratitude. merrr Christmas though!!?!!


russianspy1234 11

sell her present on ebay instead?

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honestly, christmas is not about getting presents. its about giving and if you are old enough to clean the whole house and make cookies then maybe you are too old to even be complaining about the # of presents. 4 yr olds would be devastated if they came downstairs and didn't see a single present under the tree. and at least they gave you notice

It's not the number of presents, but its the fact OP got none at all. I'd be hurt if I didn't get a single present. It sends the message that no one really cares. D=

if christmas is not about getting presents then they shouldnt have gotten a bunch for the 4 year old and nothing for the older kid. theyre horrible parents unless the older kid is a bratty miserable child all that case the older one doesnt deserve anything

when you do something nice, you usually don't ask for anything in return.

she wasn't expecting a christmas present for cleaning the house, she was expecting one because it's christmas, and if her parents can get her sister presents (plural) why couldn't they get them one each instead of getting her sister some and not even one for her.

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then why did OP put "What did I get in return?" clearly something was expected for doing something good... Definitely deserved it

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OP was probably expecting a "Thank you" in return. I know I would have been. Instead of being thanked, they were asked to do more.

I dont expect a thank you. house work has to get done. big whoop.

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You definetely did not deserve that. Kinda sad to hear you did all that, but didn't receive the tiniest bit of gratitude. merrr Christmas though!!?!!

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um the op deserved that so bad. she didnt buy any presents. except 2 little cards. the op is so selfish im glad her parents didnt buy her anything i mean seriously..

How do we know the OP wasn't unemployed and therefore couldn't purchase anything? OP also didn't buy the cards, they made them. I don't know about you, but I would appreciate getting a handmade card. And I also know this - my parents would be way more appreciative of a clean house and fresh baked cookies over some present I bought them. Instead of getting a thank you for cleaning the whole house, top to bottom, which is most likely outside of OP's regular chore list, they got no gratitude. So no, OP did not deserve this. You're just shallow and materialistic.

it's not doing something nice if you are expecting something in return.

Merry Christmas! What is it with all the horrible parents that show up here? Where they perfect until one year little Bobby/Becky got let down or have these FMLs been years in the making? I mean really, an event so horribly tragic as this just doesn't sneak up on you does it? On the other hand... Shop for yourself, the stuff always fits and you get exactly what you wanted. Also works for birthdays.

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I would do that, and I think its a great idea except most people wait until either christmas or their birthday to ask for something because they can't afford it on their own.

I feel your pain. My brothers and even my pets are all recieving christmas presents. I am not. Not to sound greedy or anything.

You should have wrecked the house in return..

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Set the christmas tree on fire.

i would cry and never talk to them again. i'm a brat like that.

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I won't say YDI, but depending on your age I wouldn't say FYL either. Once you get to a certain age you aren't necessarily going to get presents just because it's Christmas. I haven't gotten presents for Christmas for years, and I wouldn't say it's an FML. But, as I said, it depends on your age. If you're pretty young, it does suck that your parents didn't at least get you something.

Just remember, you get to decide which nursing home you'll pay for them to rot in.