By lovinglife - 24/12/2011 12:51 - United Kingdom

Today, I wrapped my boyfriend's Christmas presents for him, because he was too lazy to do it himself. This included my own present. FML
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You should return it and get something else and act surprised.

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Damn that sucks, was it a good present?


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Damn that sucks, was it a good present?

Or you could not wrap them and save some trees...

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At least if you don't like it you can return it before everyone else does. Take it as a positive thing. Merry Christmas.

I'd hate to know what I got before Christmas.... It ruins the surprise & excitement you feel when you tear open & present & see something amazing you didn't expect

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So you wrapped his penis with a missletoe over it? He must have put a lot of thought into that

My Prius is Gunna save the world.. Oh wait I have a gtp.

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take this time to work on your surprised face :D

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44- thanks for sharing something completely irrelevant.

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52- don't acknowledge them.. They'll go away eventually.

19 - The tree has already been cut down and made into wrapping paper. I'm sorry but refusing to use the paper won't bring the tree back. :(

I had to do this last year too...after he also asked me to pick out all the gifts (again, including my own). We didn't last too much longer. Not because of this is particular, but because of his general carelessness.

65: If demand goes down, supply will eventually go down to match

Is it wrong i read that in my mind with benders voice and be completly amused? Eh? Anyone?

Dump his ass!!!!! That's gotta be the most used comment on here.

at least you got a sneak peak, now you know how to react when you open them

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*Opens gift* "Oh what a surprise!"

Kinda shitty he made her wrap and unwrap it eh? Shoulda just said "hey ill give you your present if you wrap all mine i need to do" and when he doesnt give her sex she'd be disapointed. Thats how i woulda played it at least

It's so simple, isn't it? OP, you wrapped the gifts because you cared about it and he didn't. Next time, let him wrap or not wrap and accept your gift however it comes to you.

You should return it and get something else and act surprised.

I'd like to see the boyfriend's reaction on film.

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Like a wedding ring. Watch him piss his pants.

What else do you have to do for your lazy bf?

agreed... but I hope for OP's sake she at least got some good gifts.

Damn you lucky, get to see your presents early. That's every child's Christmas dream. Y U MAD? Took an arrow to knee I suppose.

Can someone explain this "arrow to the knee" shit, work has really distracted me from the new Internet lingo.

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It's a line the guards say in the game Skyrim and is getting extremely overused now

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^ It's a reference to the game Skyrim. The guards in the cities say "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee".

Ever played Skyrim? In Skyrim almost every guard says it for some reason. They got lazy on scripts.

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I think I want to kill you now…

7 problem is, (dun, dunn,dunnnn) she isn't a child so therefore it really is probably not that exciting for her.

8 should use superglue on his fingers to his mouth so he cant type or speak

Haha I wrapped mine too! Know what I'm getting, but then again I picked it out :)

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Great gift then... :l the point is for them to get you something they know you'll love.

when you wrap it say:wow this is great!my ex got me the same thing last year.