By confused_cashier - 12/06/2016 01:34 - United States - Herndon

Today, while working as a cashier at a fast food restaurant, a customer asked me how many chicken nuggets were in our 6 count chicken nuggets. FML
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If you say "five" you might get a bonus nugget for yourself!

The customer may always be right, but they are usually also pretty dumb.


If you say "five" you might get a bonus nugget for yourself!

The blindness is astounding

tantanpanda 26


#2, #8: *Stupidity. Neither vision nor literacy was needed, since he knew he was asking about the six count of nuggets.

The customer may always be right, but they are usually also pretty dumb.

Hahahaha NO. The customer is usually wrong.

but its a question not a statement....

You'd be surprised what people ask me at the McDonalds drive thru

PePziNL 20

"How much for a $1 menu?"

"What's a cranberry orange muffin?"

The derivation of the Schrodinger equation?

AlittleSanity 11

It could be that their order is constantly messed up and they only get 5 nuggets and are ensuring that they get all 6 nuggets .... Wouldn't be the first time I had to ask something stupid so my order wasn't messed up. I once asked for the egg mcmuffin and was asked if I wanted that as a meal, I said no just the mcmuffin sandwich by itself not a combo and they literally gave me a toasted mcmuffin without egg, cheese, or ham. So yeah sometimes I ask very stupid questions to ensure I get exactly what I asked for.... just saying.

mds9986 24

I went into McDonald's once and they forgot the patty on my burger. I just got the bun with all the toppings -.-

one time i just got a bun

Should've pissed hellfire into his right eye.

clever. I see what you did there.

Xandrick 22

Heheh, that reference.

Mah names Shathed and I can only count to 6! What the heck come after six?

PePziNL 20


Alas, the catch-22 situation. If you snark '5', you'll be an asshole; if you answer '6', you'll still be considered an asshole. -_-

Or, you have to option of answering in a polite way and not making a big deal about the stupidity of the question. People sometimes ask stupid questions, that isn't really even an FML in my opinion. If you can't take dumb questions don't work in customer service. Unless you are condescending or appear annoyed in your delivery of information, you can't really be seen as an asshole. I've dealt with way worse in healthcare, even to the point of physical assault. I would have said six and kept it moving.

You could probably just left it as "working as a cashier at a fast food restaurant

"you could probably just left it..." ??

"half a dozen"