By homerr123 - 23/12/2013 17:35 - India - Mumbai

Today, my manager rejected my leave application for Christmas. Later I found out that I'm going to be the only employee working at the office during Christmas. FML
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Bring your whole family and celebrate it there?

Think of this as a great opportunity to get drunk at work and listen to music OP! :D


Think of this as a great opportunity to get drunk at work and listen to music OP! :D

thejewishfuhrer 17

Or not.

rg350dx 29

It's bad enough having to work on Christmas, but getting fired for doing that too?

hmm a new fml idea

I wouldn't drink, but I wouldn't be working much either. Maybe watch some youtube, listen to music. Most companies take after Scroodge these days.

or quit and get back at your boss

ApacheC424 18

Or just not show up - there's nobody else there to miss you.

Bring your whole family and celebrate it there?

thejewishfuhrer 17

Have yourself a merry office Christmas.

That is the most perfect solution ever. Please, have a cookie. HAVE THEM ALL.

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an asshole boss. Sorry op.

JMichael 25

Sadly I know how that feels.

whiskeey 14

Op is your manager by chance the grinch?

That's the worst. Will you at least be getting double time?

gingaa96 18

You should deck his balls.. Halls* sorry ;)

You obviously didn't get the joke

Why the hell would your boss do that?? Asshole boss at their finest.

DalyaTheTurtle 6

Do you have to clock-in if not just make up some BS excuse about oversleeping and don't show up especially if your boss won't be there

why the hell didn't they close then?

Lord_Cornwallis 5

OP is from India. They may not close for holidays as often as some countries do.

Different countries celebrate different things. In the US we have Santa, in the Netherlands they have Sinterklaas and he arrives on December 5th. Not every country celebrates Christmas the same way.

Maybe you can bring your family over to the office for Christmas!

euphoricness 28

That was already said by 2, you MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your a dickhead!!

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theseblueeyes 14

Ouch! What a mean boss.