By awesome - 05/01/2012 17:13 - United States

Today, my Christmas tree was finally shipped. FML
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We're reading the calendar upside-down, it ends in 5015.


only about 300 days to we get to use it again

Would suck of the world ends in 21st Dec 2012, no chance to use that tree!

We're reading the calendar upside-down, it ends in 5015.

OR maybe op ordered it for next year already and expected it to come last weekend hence the finally.

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wow my 38th generation grandchildren are ****** then.

wait, #27, wouldnt it have to be 5105? I mean if you look at it that way? :P

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Cute girls winking at me=Instant arousal ;) No but hey at least it's early for next year

Underage girl who doesn't know how to flip over numbers and who has something in her eye: pedobear's instant arousal. Soon, your comment will be moderated...

Generally you set the tree up at the start of December so actually they would get to use it.

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Why is every girl "17" on here? Who cares about 5000 w/e this is a more important matter

Uh, no. It's 5015. 2 is 5 upside-down. If you're looking at it reverse it's 2102. Reverse and upside-down its 5105. Glad that's settled.

GovernorGeneral 8

2012 could be either 5015 or 5105 upside down. 5015 flips numbers only, and 5105 is turn the thing upside down. So what 27 said is right if he meant the first upside down.... :) I dont really har anything to say sbout the fml... Dx

Did it also come with a flux capacitor?

It would be 5015 if you rolled it (which really only works if printed on glass, but 5105 if you go 180. (which would be how it would be done on stone) And who buys an Xmas tree online. Except maybe if it's fake.

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Today, I realized I finally got an FML posted but I wasn't signed in when I submitted it. FML

damnnn shawty, you finee. hit a nigga up.

why did you buy it online? you should have went to walmart

..because that way you can have it delivered.

Because he wanted to. Next question please?

...and look what happened when it got delivered.

you don't buy it anywhere. you go out with a machinegun and find a tree you like. you then shoot said tree at the bottom and carry it home. That's the Christmas spirit.

Because Wal-Mart has crappy products and if you wanted better quality that'll last longer, instead of a quick item that will most likely be broken or in bad condition.

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Do you have some sort of vendetta against Walmart? What did Walmart do to you to invoke your furious wrath?

lol jax, except in this case that's irrelevant.. any normal person only keeps their tree for like 2-3 weeks anyways lol

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They sent it to Christmas Island with the refugees.

Lmao op that sucks but when I read I lol'd so hard irl

I think it went away 10 days ago, with Christmas. (in op's case)

At least you'll have it for next year.. Unless the world ends first! :P Haha kidding, I don't think it will.

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It'll be dead by next year. Unless its fake

The world IS ending. it's gonna happen the same way that it did in the movie 2012. Trust me, I know a guy.

Please tell me you're joking, 46. The will NOT end in 2012. Are you really going to believe some extinct race of 'prophets' or are you going to believe science? What has the Myans brought to you that science hasnt. Besides the bullshit prediction. I'll take sciences' side.

But the movie 2012 seemed so convincing!

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Did you not see the end of the post? "haha kidding. I don't think it will"

ShroomsOnAcid 16

60- "Science" is not perfect, because people are not perfect. It is often wrong, and unfortunately politically motivated, misrepresented, and falsified at times. No, I don't believe the world will end in 2012, but I can't deny it. Hell, the world might end tomorrow, but I'm not one to say whether it does or not. My point is that sometimes, fully trusting and relying on modern science is just as wrong as fully trusting and relying on ancient beliefs. Plus, even if it was proven that the world will end on a specific date, they wouldn't tell us now, would they? ;)

But there's no way they could prove the world would end.

btw #60 spelled Mayans incorrectly. I just wanted to point that out :D.

Hear that whooshing sound, 60? That was a joke blowing right over your head.

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You do realize that the world was supposed to "end" in 1999, 2006, 2011 and other years and that 2012 is a movie so just shut up. Thanks.

Ah the science v religion argument. To quote Richard Swinburne, "I don't question that science exists, I ask why does science exist". Sorry for being a pretentious battysleeve :(

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Just throwing this in there.. I just got back from Mexico where I went to the Ancient Mayan Capital Chichen Itza. 2012 was the main topic. The Mayans NEVER said that the world will end or anything of that sort. What the ACTUALLY said was "the world will change as we know it". It is based on the Mayan calendar. Every several thousand years, the Mayans will destroy everything they own because when all of the planets align, that is a "sign" to restart a new life. They tear down their houses, gardens, temples, etc.. Except the capital. They cover it with new rocks and make the temple even bigger. As a start of "a new life". So the world is not coming to an end. And the Mayans never said that it will. It's just a beginning of a new life for them. Or it would have been if Cortes' wouldn't have killed them off.. But that's a different story for a different time. :)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Thank you desireev, that is true too. I also remember hearing about the earth entering a new phase, (something to do with astronomy) but I'm really not sure, so I would be glad if someone could clarify that. Also, I don't see this as a religion vs. science argument at all. It's more like science vs "science".

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No one ever listens to the Incas....

desireev 17

Shrooms- it is all a science. On December 21st, 2011, all of the planets, together, are supposed to align. Which will cause an eclipse that will be so powerful that it will knock the earth off it's axis by 1% at the most. Not much really, but when you think about how big Earth is, 1% could change the world up ALOT. Glaciers could melt and cause the ocean to become much larger, therefore, causing floods and continents to collapse in to the ocean. Or cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt, etc.. Back to the "prophecy".. The world will not end.. It will change as we know it. Although, the 1% could not be much at all and nothing could happen at all. It's a matter of seeing what happens.. The eclipse will happen though. Don't think I'm telling you it won't.. It has been proven that it has happened, and it will happen again. We just don't know what's gonna happen..

And 2000, number 99. Looots of people trippin out in 2000.

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Common sense: Mayans were like let's let our next generations do these stupid stone calendars if we last that long my arms are tired...

I recall the world was supposed to end in 2000 and everything was gonna be ****** up as well with Y2K technology etc... Yet we're still here! Go figure

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Great job exaining. ^_^ You wrote exactly what i wanted to right but I obviously was too damn lazy. ^_^ lol. Thanx a lot.

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Yeah can totally see the Earth's core >_

For the 2012 bullshit: The mayans did not have a leap year. We would be in 2013 without said leapyears. So, the world should have ended about 5-6 months ago. Thus is my disbelief in 2012. (don't tell that to my parents)

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You know a guy who's an idiot?

I bring news from the won't.

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Now you have one for next year!! There's always a bright side. And hey maybe you can decorate it for other holidays.

Give it to someone for valentine's day!

I would keep a Christmas tree up all year round if I could. I already keep the lights on the banister of my stairs up. :) pretty Christmas lights.

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I know, right? Maybe they even gift wrapped it, or better still, put it in another box! *girly squeal*

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Y'all would get along well with my cat.

Why does everyone think suing is the only way to solve things? It's stupid if you ask me. Don't buy from the company again if you don't like the way they do things. Unless you were told when you bought the item that they would deliver in a certain amount of days/hours and they failed to do so then you have no right to complain. I know it's expected that holiday items should arrive in time for the holidays, but that's not always how it works.

Exactly, boycott the company, or get a real tree. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned.

You americans are so childish. Suing for just about anything. Grow the **** up. I agree with #25.