By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I noticed that my facial hair had grown by an acceptable amount. I spoke to my Dad and decided to show him, thinking he would approve of my manliness. His exact words when I showed him were, "Nah, son. You just look like a lesbian." FML
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By  Purpleknott  |  0

Ummm. Hair grew IN your eyes? I don't agree with that being manly at all. Good Luck with that. xD

  Purpleknott  |  0

Was not trying to be funny. Oh lol. Just got it. I apologize, my bad! Hair grew on his face and Was able to reach his eyes and thinking that makes him manly. Still doesn't lol.

  twistedlovex  |  0

Would you all just leave the guy alone! Sure he made a simple mistake. So what?! We all do that's what makes us human! Besides come on he's already got like 70 people telling him that he made the mistake anyways so do you really think you telling him it too is going to make a difference at all?!

And personally hun, I think your picture is absolutely fantabulous :)

Now all of you go back to your lives

  Purpleknott  |  0

Thanks for the nice stuff you guys. I wish there was more people like you. Also thanks for the one person that corrected me. I don't need a bunch of people telling me about my mistakes. They happen.

  airforce987  |  20

I'm assuming that OP wrote something along the lines of "in my eyes" as a use for "in my opinion". Then the mods changed it because it didn't sound right, and obviously caused a grammar storm in the comments.

  G97Alex  |  21

Why get an overrated FPS to become manly?
That was my failed attempt at humor, I know BO stands for "body odor" so PLEASE don't bury me.


  StopDropNRoll  |  11

8- glad you don't like facial hair I don't like it on women either.

But if op shaved and it grew back faster and thicker then maybe he might look manly enough for his dad to approve?

Hmm. I think what you meant was you dont like facial hair on men. I just got it :(

  murdersquirrel  |  15

That is a myth. Shaving has no effect on hair density or thickness. It leaves the end of the hair blunt which merely gives the impression of a thicker strand. Hair growth happens in the follicle, under the skin. Shaving couldn't possibly affect the hair except to shorten it to skin level.