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Today, my car was stolen. From my driveway. By the guy who sold it to me. FML
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fatty* How do you mess up such an easy sentance?? It had 4 words ffs. (Technically 6 but you get my point.)

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Actually, "fattie" is acceptable. You would know that if you stayed your ass out of the fridge and focused more on school. :P

Thats why I was on honor roll right? I guess fattie is acceptable if you have low standards.. such as some of your past bf's?

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Lol! You're quite the fun bean aren't you? A word being acceptable, has nothing do with "low standards." Considering that it bears no significance in ones everyday life. Being able to follow instructions and read a book, doesn't make you smart. It makes you obedient and patient. The basic skills you accomplish at school, hold no basis for what the real world has to throw at you. You're young and you're arrogant, so in a lot of ways, your behavior is OK. You will however, soon realize that by changing your attitude on life, you will benefit greatly. Commenting on my personal life, will get you nowhere. Any man will want an intelligent, well-rounded, self-respecting, attractive, genuine, honest and trust-worthy person. It's sad to know that most boys, like you, shoot your standards so low, to the point where you'll date anything with a pulse, as long as she gets on her knees. If you want to "brag" about being on the honor roll, it (to me) proves that you are lacking in self-confidence and show obvious vulnerability. For that fact alone, I shall leave you alone....for now.

I agree with that first part, that and lots of other things are one of many downfalls of the school system in N.A. I also agree with that second part with the whole honest, trustworthy, genuine thing, but I dont "shoot my standards low" by any means and nor do I have any idea where that came from. I wasn't bragging about honor roll either, it's a simple achievment, as you pointed out all you do is follow instructions, also I was just pointing it out because I actually do focus on school, and as much as it may not look like it, don't spend all my time in the fridge :]

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I wasn't necessarily saying you shoot your standards low. I said "most boys, like you." You don't know where that came from? It could be derived from your "past bfs" comment. :]

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No one likes someone who copies someone else's comment

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I fail to see what the problem is, darling. You know who took

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Your "fuhohoho" laugh, always saying "darling", and your profile pictures of a cartoon character with sno-cone hair has often made me take a moment to ponder how you look, and speak in person. I think if I could meet any of my fellow FML commenters, it would be you.

Fuhohohoho!~ As honored as I am, dear, you'd only be in for a huge disappointment. The master behind this character isn't that interesting, nor much to look at. Just a nerd with too much time in her pretty little hands!~

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And you know it was the same person how? Don't tell me you watched it happen...

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Yeh, it's lame how they never give the whole story..

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