By Anonymous - 17/05/2012 21:54 - United States - Spring

Today, after having a pretty rough day, I decided a nice, hot shower would be great. Ten minutes in, the shower head apparently couldn't take the water pressure anymore, and it flew off and hit me in the face. FML
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That's when you move to a bath my friend :)

easyprey 8

After that I bet it was like showering under a waterfall, except the minor concussion probably ruined the moment


That's when you move to a bath my friend :)

Better than getting hit in the head with heavy metal objects I think

Since OP already showered and rinsed all the filth off, a bath would be completely acceptable

Besides, not everyone have space or money for a bathtub, and some actually do care about all the water that goes to waste.

Having a bath can't use much more water than a nice soothing shower

I always have a shower before I have a bath, I am also not a fan of bathing in my filth.

26 - if you take 10 minutes (as OP does) in a decent shower I'm not at all sure you will use less water than in a bath. If you really want to save water & power there's only one solution - shower with a friend!

Vociferouslife 4

Yea, if it takes you longer than 10 mins to shower, maybe it's time to invest in a bathtub.

Well, aside from the water, a lot of people still don't have the space for a bathtub. - showering with a friend? I'd do that

Sex in the Bathtub = crowded Sex in the Shower = slippery and dangerous. Not that I know anything about that.

Ninjasaurus18 9

12- OP was supposed to know that would happen how? And yes, baths are bathing in your own liquid filth. Unless you're going to rinse off in the shower afterward, baths are gross.

luckyd880 12

Ya we all know what you were REALLY doing in that shower op!

luckyd880 12

Next time take it easy on the poor massaging shower head. Geez.

2-Yes, he/she was REALLY taking a shower. I guess that's hard for you to believe. Like OP, I own an unstable shower head and the water pressure can actually knock it off. That's why I put the water pressure on really low. OP, I hope you recover from your injury and FYL.

thejewishfuhrer 17

^^^ Mr. Buzz Killington

clarissasyima 7

11- Yeah, you're really looking on the "bright side"..

TwiztedYuri 9

we do. OP was getting hit in the face... you need to learn to read

mashimarox 12


easyprey 8

After that I bet it was like showering under a waterfall, except the minor concussion probably ruined the moment

Don't really know what to comment with this one.. I'd just scream **** and move on

DCFan 9

That's when you don't comment at all... And move on.

TwiztedYuri 9

"FUCK!!!!! well still need to say something" - 6

Damn, that would have surprised me so badly that my socks would have been blown off, if I wore socks in the shower that is. I Hope your concussion/ head injury doesn't last too long.

kandi_kid69 15

Face shot.

At least you didn't take some balls to the face, right OP?

This comment makes exactly zero sense.

thejewishfuhrer 17

At least a bus didn't run you over? At least aliens didn't abduct you? At least your dad didn't die? What the hell. You can always make up a worse situation.

But balls are nice and soft. Even when they're slapping you! Some shower heads can weigh 1-3 lbs. No ball-force power can top that. Surely you know all this from experience though, right Fenixtorador? ;)

Well played 33 I see what you did there lol

luckyd880 12

Oh you two get a room.

Reddeaded 5

Why were you in the shower for 10 minutes?

Maybe I don't know they shave their legs, arms ect. But of course you wouldn't know this, since you have not even come of age yet huh? Or you are just hairy as hell.

Because sometimes when you feel like utter crap ie the morning after a sick rave or crazy bender the shower feels like most amazing thing you will ever experience.

riseagainstbabyy 4

I don't know about everyone else, but it certainly takes me at least 10 minutes to shampoo and condition my hair, wash my body, and then shave. Not to mention that showers are super relaxing after a long day of work so I tend to take my time.

mhopper 13

Way to take one in the face