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Today, my car got stolen. While I was standing ten feet away from it. FML
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One armed people can also run just fine.


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Maybe you should've ran faster...

Maybe op is disabled. Did that ever cross your mind?

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How could op drive if they were disabled?

One armed people are disabled. Does not mean they can't drive.

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One armed people can also run just fine.

Thank you 24! Finally someone with a brain! Cars can be modified to suit people with disabilities.

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not to be an asshole, but yes a person without an arm can run just fine. however if the person is disabled and in a wheelchair, technically he wouldn't be "standing" ten feet away now would he?

How is a one armed man able to fend off a car thief?? Not very well id imagine... What if op was missing a leg? He is still able to drive, yet cant run... What if op is elderly, or recently had an operation? .... Probably best that he let him go.. And let the legal system deal with him

flockz 19

read the ******* comments. 1 said he could've run faster. i said missing an arm would not prohibit running. no one said shit about fending off the thief. and yes a person with a wheelchair handicap can't run, because HE'S IN A WHEELCHAIR, and wouldn't be "standing" ten feet away, which i also said. i hate repeating myself.

Or maybe they weren't disabled and just stood there doing nothing.

Unless they have prosthetics I'm pretty sure people with missing limbs aren't able to drive.

Well, once the person is in your car there's not much you can do. If the car is already going. They can just lock the doors and drive off. Sure you can jump on it or in front of it. Buy why? Most modern vehicles can be easily tracked. I believe that all of the vehicles that my family own have locators in them. And if all else fails there's automobile insurance.

I never said that he couldnt run, or that he wasnt standing. I just said that he wasnt able to fend off an attacker... Youre getting worked up over nothing mate

Also a couple more points someone in a wheelchair most likely cannot drive as they likely do not have full use of their legs. Also people with one arm might not be able to balance well while running...

18 has obviously not watched the first few seasons of Friday Night Lights.

I'm thinking the above conversation for a bit out of hand towards handicaps.

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Thats actually false 55. They do modify vehicles to suit the handicapped here is australia. The accelerator and brake are controlled by a lever usually to the right of the steering wheel and the steering wheel is fitted with a ball similar to one on a forklift. My girlfriends uncle designed and manufactures bikes that can be driven by people in wheelchairs.... Wow this thread is really focussing on the disabled now aye

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Btw you only need 1 foot to drive. So if they are in a wheelchair cause they are missing a foot. They can still drive.

hide yo keys, hide yo car. they snatchin er'bodys in here

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They also make cars for disabled in America. A well known president of ours had a car modified for him, because he was disabled.

How did we get on the topic of a handicapable person's abilities? If everyone here thinks that the rights and freedoms of this segement of society is equal to that of a person who has all their members then why even discuss it?

Insurance job! Working hard for the money!!

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I hope op got the license plate

They would be ops plates as its their car

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Yea whoops forgot to say it was a joke my bad dont bury it

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The OP probably tripped and fell flat on their face while their car got jacked

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Yes, I'd like a shamrock shake.

Hold on, I gotta help this fine, young sir over here first. Something tells me he'll be taking a handful of pot.

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Oh sorry, I'm just not real familiar with going through drive-thrus. I didn't actually have a car until earlier today when I snagged one from some jackass.

Evidently no one got the joke here, as none but that last comment had anything to do with it. Really guys?

(Man I'm getting swamped here) May I help you?

Well at least you got a good look at the car jacker?

Um. If he didn't notice the car getting jacked, I don't think he noticed the car jacker. But IDK. That's smart what you just said too. xD

Well I meant possibly they couldve seen the person get in & not reacted in time? Idk, I'm an idiot lol

Aha. Chill. You're not an idiot. You're just saying what you think. Does not make you an idiot. On the other hand, I may not be so clever. xD

12- There could've been a very, very thick slab of glass between the two.

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I feel like there is some sexual tension between 4 and 6...just sayin.

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Theres some sexual tension between your mom and I!!! BAM! No? Okay *goes back under rock*

Ahahaha! Big imagination? I was only being friendly. xD

Lol I agree with 94, though he does look like a cutie

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*starts chanting* give him your number! Give him your number! Sorry I've been watching a lot of how I met your mother lately.

Just creeps the comments. *eats cookie* you're a cutie yourself.

I really don't know what to say. Other than you're not very clever. xD Have a nice day.

Way to be an asshole 5. Now kindly shut the **** up.

Um. I said he isn't clever. You guys are rude. Keep yo nasty ass rude comments to yourself.

Did you not lock your car? And if you did wouldn't you have had time to see them breaking into your car and do something about it?

What if they had a gun or something?! So the op will risk his life for this? Or the op was across the street and it was a red sign?

Dont worry karma shall take its place sooner or later

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No it'll happen, but the car will get stolen again, from the burglar.

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