By Anonymous - 28/09/2011 16:30 - United States

Today, while at work in the service department of a car dealership, I sat in the driver seat of an old man's car to get the mileage. He'd just pissed in the seat. FML
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Did that piss you off?

That's so gross.


That's so gross.

Maybe he just spilled his apple juice. ...that was warm.

Rico_Mal1116 0

Don't worry at least it wasn't in your face.

enonymous 8

Looks like you found the leak. Charge him for changing his radiator coolant and call it a day

Damn_Hippster 11

Well how else was he going to have heated seats?

fromthesuck 8

Yep. Private busses are a much better. Who provides your personal bus service?

:O it's a Poppy stain!! (:

offer him apple juice that is really pee, that'll teach him

At least it wasn't diarrhea

katsteak 0

Well atleast your butt was warm (:

katsteak 0

Sorry you cant delete that my uncle fails.

Boyaa !

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Ice cold ass? No money for a fancy car with heated seats? No problem, just piss your pants! It's the ghetto seat warmer.

Only 4 a little bit

Urine the hot seat now! No? Nevermind.

Did that piss you off?

nah, it must have pooped her off...

what? ^

nitewlf12 10

12- That was a shitty joke.

this is stupid.

Hey, he's old. he would've jizzed if he was younger. Can't blame the poor guy

Umm not really

pepelittle9 0

Yes really :3

nitewlf12 10

54- Is your username seriously "pepelittle?" And you're trying to talk about ****? How ironic.

He's into watersports, but with unconsenting random ppl like yourself!!

So you where pretty pissed?

ikickgingers 15

That depends...

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Thats extremely cute.

Dude there's nothing to even say but F your life lol that sucks

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