By ZombieMommy - 10/03/2017 05:00 - United States - Conroe

Today, I was pouring milk into my coffee and, as it plooped into my mug, I noticed the expiration date on the jug passed 2 weeks ago. Nobody here drinks milk very often and I ran out of creamer so I've been unknowingly drinking my coffee with curdled milk for the past 3 days. FML
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I applaud your taste buds and your observation skills ofcourse.

And you didn't taste something off about your coffee?


And you didn't taste something off about your coffee?

I applaud your taste buds and your observation skills ofcourse.

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Milk is good for 2 weeks after the expiration date. While it is taste sour It better for cooking. ( I work at a grocery store and this is bad on why my boss said and the cooking is based on experience).

Milk has a sell by date. It is usually, not always, good for up to a week after that sell by date. I'm not sure how you could not have noticed the smell or taste.

I feel bad for anyone who eats food you've made, if you're using expired milk in your cooking.

Sour milk is often used in cooking. Most notably in pancakes, cakes, waffles....It can be used to make cheese. If it's curdled, it needs to go, but sour milk doesn't need trashed.

YDI for not checking the date before using.

Your taste buds must be made of steel not to mention your nose since you didn't smell anything off.

I have had milk that was from last month that still tasted ok and smelled ok. Always trust your nose and taste buds.

You may want to be prepared for a very upset stomach, OP.

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Op here, I probably didn't notice either because I used very little milk or because I had an excessive amount of sugar masking the rotten milk flavor. It didn't make me sick at all. Also I'm basically asleep when I get up for coffee, hence the name ZombieMommy.

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Well you're still here, it cant be that bad. Seriously most expiry dates are complete rubbish and they are only put on because they have to. Had some hot chocolate the other night, can expired 2013, it was fine. You lot should have around before expiry dates were added, nothing had expiry dates. you could buy food, drink that could have been on the shelf for years, no joke.