By spark - 27/08/2014 17:19 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after my windshield wipers being stolen twice in a row, I decided to hide in my car to catch the thief. I fell asleep. When I woke up, the new wipers were gone. FML
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Brooke5702 13

Swiper no swiping Swiper be wiping

xR3cKl3sSx 12

I guess you can say you were literally tired of them stealing your windshield wipers.


How does something get stolen that easily? Wouldn't you have learned your lesson the !FIRST! time?

Wipers are quite easy to remove. My friend had his fly off when he was driving and he was only going about 30 miles an hour. I'm going to assume OP didn't think their wipers would get taken twice since it's an unusual thing to take. They did learn their lesson since they decided to sit in their car waiting for the person to take them. It's not like OP can do much to prevent their wiper blades from being stolen so back off.

Brooke5702 13

Swiper no swiping Swiper be wiping

This made my day haha!

best first comment ever

great 1st comment

xR3cKl3sSx 12

I guess you can say you were literally tired of them stealing your windshield wipers.

OP's not a bright "spark" for falling asleep in the car.

You must be a heavy sleeper then

it's not that noisy or hard to take off windshield wipers, I think anyone would sleep through that

jajajanie 13

I agree with #43. besides.. they sound like a professional at this point!

As a mechanic, most cars wipers can be removed in seconds fairly quietly. Even the arms if one wishes to take those off too.

Ya better wash out more carefully next time

qdawg06 23

I wonder how stealing windshield wipers actually benefits anyone.....

Maybe theyre just stealing them to piss op off?

teevthoj 9

Wipers for mi car actually cost around 30 bucks. And it's a 90s car.

ChristianH39 30

16 that was my thought too, could be somebody who just has an issue with OP

martin8337 35

#6, have you seen the price of windshield wipers lately? They don't come cheap. I can remember when they were about $2.00 a piece.

Depends on whether you're talking about just the wiper blades or the whole thingy. Just the blades can be gotten cheaply for $8 or so.

It's mean for them to swipe things like that.

As opposed to jewelry thieves and bank robbers that are nice?

They attempted a pun. It wasn't amazing but it's relevant to windscreen wipers :)

Park somewhere where a cctv camera is pointing, then if they get stolen ask the police to check the footage.

That's a pretty good idea!

try putting camera's up where you park your car that way you also have proof with the video.

Perhaps op's camera will get stolen too!

ShannonBitt 29

#47 put the camera(s) in the car

But my question is, why steal OP's specific windshield wipers multiple times in a row? Someone must have had a very specific, frustration inducing revenge plot that they're obviously carrying out. Any summer storms coming soon to your area, OP?

I'm wondering the same thing unless one of OP'S friends is just ******* with their head.

PoisonOrchid 21

What if the wiper thief just knows they can get away with it on OP's car, so they keep doing it and its not personal at all?

Or they're doing it to piss them off. Or it could be a friend trying to play a prank on them.