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By Anonymous - 17/05/2012 20:14 - United States - Champlin

Today, as part of my medical anatomy course, I had to give a presentation about an STD and the effects it has on women. The class was comprised almost entirely of girls. I become extremely anxious and accidentally stated, "Vaginas are smelly" as my opening statement. FML
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11- um.. that's actually what you're supposed to do.


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Hopefully you followed up that statement with how to get rid of the stink..

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koolkat27 13

11- um.. that's actually what you're supposed to do.

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22, soap can irritate and upset the pH, which can create more problems. There are other ways and products besides plain old soap. But even still, 26, a ****** shouldn't have a noticeable or bad smell with or without cleaning - go to a doctor.

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I also apologize for my shocking typing. I'm in bed and have taken sleeping tablet for the night. also I am just too damn lazy to correct I shall lay down now and let the vultures attack!

50; the first part of your comment is painful to read...

UrbanOutfitter 2

OP should have then proceeded to pull down his pants and ask for a volunteer to demonstrate how to have safe sex.

ObsessedWithGays 7

They really shouldn't if you have good hygiene. Thankfully I've never had to deal with smelling bad down there, but I can imagine it being repulsive. Ew.

11 what I don't get is why you got thumbed down you just stated your opinion, I guess opinions are not allowed it is more of a one sided opinion

142, number 11's use of the word "can't" strongly implies that she was trying to state a fact. What's this opinion business you're going on about?

kschlicke 11

Yeah, like your ball sack smells any better?

Yeah, he should say something like, is normal that they smell, but there are some smell that are not, trying to make it out of an awkward situation

At least he didn't bring up 'blue waffle'

who knows, he might've ended up there later in the presentation haha

hkelley9 6

Not if they're well maintained.

No. Actually they are not. They probably develop an unpleasant smell from a lack of personal hygiene. But you know, see how rosy a penis smells after some deprivation of soap and showers. I think it can be a two way street!

59 - if there's shit in your ****** you might want to start wiping front to back instead of back to front.

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#2, I bet you everybody that thumbed down your comment were girls.

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159: ahahaha!(: me and my best friend sing that song literally everytime we see each other. Total win!(:

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66 Where the heck does it say she has shit in her ******? WTH

Oh, italiancows, ask me how balls smell/taste after my boyfriend's been at work all day. Saying that vaginas are smelly to a woman is offensive because we've already spent our entire lives wading through messages saying we should be ashamed of our bodies, so that even if we do find a guy who loves us and wants to have killer sex with us, we're ashamed of the way we smell. Even though it's natural. I'm sure this happens to some guys, but I'm also sure it's WAY less prevalent.

UrbanOutfitter 2

A fishy smelling bagina is a symptom is an STD and yeast infection or bacterial

Llamacod 11

So 77, it has to be both an std and yeast, or bacterial; it couldn't be just one of the 3?

nofearjenshere 12

Oh no, maybe I should get my bagina checked!

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UrbanOutfitter - No, a malodorous ****** CAN be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, or it can be a sign of poor hygiene. Yeast infections typically don't have an odor, nor do STDs.

Doc, haha vaginosis? Is that like ****** halitosis?

lorenzoman77 7

At least OP didn't ejaculate his opening statement too early.

I looked at my comment and it had 69 thumbs up. Ha ha. Get it? It's a sex postition. That's why it's funny.

You don't say. Tell me more, please. I'm just dying to know of any other realizations.

LOL when you got fungal down in your lady jungle. Vagasil cream!

#90 Umm that was the joke. herp derp

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Dirty ******? Clean it up. No? Okay. (._.)

****** smell so bad that the paint is peeling off the walls? Try Stank No Mo'!

clarissasyima 7

Don't worry OP, one day you'll look back and laugh at it :).

Oooh, there go your chances with any girl in your course. :( FYL though, presentations are nerve-wracking. Especially when talking about something unpleasant like STDs and vaginas to a roomful of women.

clarissasyima 7

You never know maybe one of the girls will thought it was cute that he got nervous an will give him a chance :)

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10 maybe one of those girls might want to prove OP wrong ;)

MerrikBarbarian 9

Hopefully you finished "when infected with std's, bacteria or yeast". On the upside that's one hell of an icebreaker. You've already said the worst thing possible so now you can go on without fear of screwing up.

Since OP was nervous wreck already, I don't think, he might have corrected it. Anyhow FYL.

They're stinky if the woman lets get ****** get stinky!! I keep mine fresh! Ha! :)

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Thats great to know! Tell us more...