By Ineedlotsofwater - United States - Seattle
Today, I found out why I receive random drug tests at work. The safety department was specifically told by my boss to check up on me because I always seem way too cheerful to not be high. I've passed every single test. FML
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  bryce0110  |  23

Why do comments like this always get dislikes? Most do and then there is the rare comment like this with top comment. I don't understand the community of FML.


Wow #16, good thing you know so much more than a bunch of scientists and doctors. #2 and everyone else diagnosed with ADHD/ADD can now move on with their lives knowing it's not real. Thank you!

By  Exodiafinder687  |  58

OP's Boss: Are you taking drugs while on the clock!?

OP: I'm just high on a little drug called life, sir.

OP's Boss: Life huh?

OP: That's right, sir. It comes in these little baggies and it's blue and it makes you feel AWESOME!!!

OP's Boss: ..........uh?

OP: Funniest thing is that the guy who sold it to me looks just like Malcolm's dad.

  riffehunter  |  16

Boss: So I see you passed your drug test.
OP: yes sir.
Boss: Well in that case we're going have to let you go....
OP: excuse me sir?
Boss: Yeah, we dont work with loosers *whips out ray bands and snaps a bong*

By  eatingmypickles  |  12

Hey there! Don't be worried about being too cheerful, there's just too many miserable people in this world that don't know how to handle a positive vibe! They're just jealous. Don't make yourself any less cheerful, I'm sure that some people rely on your chipper vibe to smile.