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  beccaishereyay  |  11

Even if OP did have insurance or even if the car turns up somewhere in the future, that would still SUCK to work hard and finally save up for a car and have it stolen in the same day. This is a true FML moment.

  jnaust  |  8

25- I have seen very similar to that. As a customer left the dealership I worked at, he pulled out of the driveway in to highway traffic and got hit in the side by a car doing 80kmph (50mph)

  Stealthed  |  8

I know a guy that bought a brand new 458 italia and the day he picked it up it hailed 10 seconds after leaving the dealership. Car was a total write off within 2 minutes.

  bebohacker1  |  4

7- that was a perfect analogy for the situation lol. Well done. I could imagine the pain i'd feel having an R35 sold from me within 4 hours of ownership. I'd prefer the kick to the balls...