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My boyfriend lost his sister a couple years back and his brother was 10 at the time and didn't fully understand it while she was sick.. He completely understood the intensity and how permanent it is after she passed.. Children don't.. Just explain to him as best as you can why he shouldn't do it.. And keep this story for his wedding day to embarrass him... If you make it to then ;)

  josiem  |  11

I understood death and its permanence at that age, and the child has clearly made the connection between suffocation and death. That suggests to me that he understands enough for this to be a genuine concern.

  josiem  |  11

I agree. They tend to start young, and often for no apparent reason. They have recently discovered there is an actual physical difference in the brains of sociopaths. Not all of them turn into killers (in fact, many come from good homes with no past trauma), but all of them share these characteristics (in terms of brain function and such).

OP, if you read this, there is an extremely interesting documentary called "Are You Good or Evil?" and it might be of interest if you have genuine concerns about your child.

  kaitlynjane  |  28

#148 i think i've seen something very similar to what you're talking about, it was called "how evil are you?" Anyway, it said the same thing about how serial killers all have a similar part of their dna. Yet, not all people with it become serial killers, but many politicians have it, too. Kinda creepy.
That documentary was incredible, though. I recommend it to everyone!!

By  cristy91  |  33

Maybe he doesn't understand the significance of "die" yet? He could just think it's a big sleep and be looking out for your rest! Or maybe you've been leaving soap operas on during his nap time and he's getting ideas... Hmm

By  Kalipczo  |  21

Huh. Maybe you should take him to talk to someone about that; I wouldn't worry too much though. It's probably something he saw on tv or an imitation of what a friend did.

By  PhDInLife  |  8

His name isn't Jeffrey by chance is it?? Seems like you should address this. What's funny to you could be construed as problematic behavior by teachers or other adults...not to mention a little creepy!

  MartiOan  |  8

I recently read a warning issued by the FDA warning of such activities performed while sleeping as a side-effect of certain drugs. Sleepwalking was never mentioned, only sleepdriving and sleepcooking and -eating.
The times, they are 'a changing.