By failure - 02/11/2014 20:57 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I overheard my son mutter to himself, "If Hitler could do it to that many people, so could I..." Anyone recommend a good psychiatrist? FML
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I did nazi that coming. (Ill lead myself out) But seriously something wrong with him.

At least he has a "can-do" attitude?


I did nazi that coming. (Ill lead myself out) But seriously something wrong with him.

what führer? you can stay

iLike2Teabag 27

Yeah don't leave. You're hitlarious.

Anyone remember "clitler"?

Maybe he just means inspire and lead a large group of people....hopefully.

At least he has a "can-do" attitude?

Could he be referring to the fact that Hitler was good at persuading millions, and leading an entire country? That part isn't bad. If he's talking about killing millions. Then you have a problem.

Maybe you should've gotten an abortion?

Misswildsides 22

As if OP totally knew their son would be the reincarnation of Hitler..

mif_fml 27

Your kid has issues, and immediately you regret aborting your child?? You need help.

xxreikoxx 31

#4, what if somebody asked your mum that about you..?

I think this is in reference to the fact that Hitler's mother considered abortion.

aah yes please do

With that picture of you I thought something completely different.

You are exactly what Hitler didn't have in mind. the irony is so thick

You mean wow them with his art?

"I'll be a better artist than Hitler ever was"

Perfect picture fot that.

his art of killin people? no?

You should be fuhrerious. I know I suck at this.

What the heil were you thinking with that pun?

I think I inheiled some gas????? (Downvotes self)

ju gotta be kiddin

You tried I guess kinda

xxreikoxx 31

Humour fail. Some of us here 'are' Jewish.

where did Hitler keep his armies?...up his sleevies!

Oh I get it. Arm and armies. Sleeves and sleevies.

He sounds really confident, and confidence is key. ~

A trait definitely Hitler had.