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Today, after finally falling asleep, my boyfriend woke me up and got extremely mad at me. My offense? My pillow was touching his side of the bed. After yelling at me, he's now sleeping on the couch, and I'm lying in bed wide awake. FML
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Sounds like his side of the bed SHOULD be the couch.

Looks like someone's going though that time of the month...


thatpeachyperson 12

He needs to get his priorities straight.

Sounds like bad bro advice gone wrong... You know sometimes guys try to give advice to help there bro in a relationship "don't let her sleep on your side of the bed! Be the boss! She will like that." And it's crap advice and then the guy uses it wrong on top of that... Yeah this is what happens as a result.

8 - What kind of bros do you have if that's the kind if advice they give? That's the dumbest thing I've heard this week.

8- if thats your advice im guessing that your longest relarionship is what, 3 weeks?

55, 57- He was simply correlating bad bro advice with the FML. Please tone down the ignorance.

58 - I'm aware of that; if you'll re-read my comment, you'll see that I'm mentioning I've never seen bro advice that idiotic. Judging by the amount of thumbs down the commenter got, quite a few people agree with me. And there's no need for rudeness.

imavelociraptor 6

I'm a girl and i personally feel like the guy should sort of "be in charge". I mean, it's always been that way. The wife stays home and cleans and the father goes out to work and puts food on the table. I don't mean i want to be a stay-at-home mom and let my husband walk all over me but if he can't stand up to me, how do i know he'll be able to stand up to a robber breaking into our house? As long as he is nice and says please and thank you i'll basically do what he says...

Okay... So... You guys have never gotten bad advice from your friends?? Really? Can I have your friends then? My point was a guy friend tells him to stand up to her because of like a mom or bad ex girlfriend etc. then op's boyfriend takes it WAY too far and then feels like a dumbass for it. That was my entire point... No I don't think he did right nor do I think that the op over reacted. Just a bad situation.

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129 - I'd ask the same thing, but I already have a wife... how do you feel about Mormonism?

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OP needs to ditch the creep. A blow up over pillow placement is indicative of a severe social rage problem. Run, run far, run fast. Otherwise, you'll find yourself to be another battered woman rotting away on the inside as you're pummeled with fists and a vicious tongue that cuts you down because his toast was too dark

decidedlyvague 11

You're all dumb. He obviously has some pretty intense personal space issues. My advice, dump him. If you can't cuddle with someone that you're in a relationship with, that is sleeping in the same bed as you, then you shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed as them. Ever.

In bed, my rules are simple. 1. No clothing 2. Best heat is body heat is best heat 3. Only one pillow needed, it will fit two heads close enough If your man can't stand a pillow crossing the line, you're getting screwed. And not in the good way

Sounds like you're a pushover.. I feel like partners in a relationship should be equals, which means equal respect going both ways. Not the man over powering the women in every aspect, seems like you should be living in the 50's

#129 my husband doesn't "stand up to me" or anything of the sort. we have rational conversations about shit, and show each other respect... oh and he'll have no problem taking care of a burglar... he's trained in martial arts.

Looks like someone's going though that time of the month...

Um, I hope you aren't being serious. He's a guy.... NO, I don't know sarcasm is!!

Men also go through hormone cycles. The more you know.

X_Codes 11

@56 - Thanks for the info, but seriously attempting to justify this kind of behavior with hormone cycles is just acting like a douche in attempt to cover up the fact that you're a douche. If this is how the guy acts while in bed with OP, then OP shouldn't let him sleep over for a while, if ever again.

I was really just playing along with 2, the male hormone cycle is actually only 24 hours and not a month like the female hormone cycle, so his comment doesn't make logical sense anyways, it was a joke. Obviously hormones shouldn't be excuses for aggressive and antisocial behavior.

Sounds like his side of the bed SHOULD be the couch.

michael666 7

YES! a DocBastard comment! this FML is complete! Haha.

27 Don't worry I'm sure doc has a diagnosis for your brown nose.

michael666 7

hahaha damn you really think so? Im good off prescriptions, ill stick to my herbs, haha.

If he has so many problems with her pillow touching his side of the bed, he should live on his own in my opinion..

Well, look at the bright side: you have the whole bed to yourself now.

Yep, and your pillow can go wherever you want.

jeragonm 15

Or he might come in and check to see if you violate his "space" again.

I never really understood the concept of "sides." My boyfriend and I just lay in the bed, sometimes one of us is on the left, other times the right.

imavelociraptor 6

My little sister sleeps in my bed a lot and she always sleeps on the side by the window and i sleep by the door. Even if she isn't in there i sleep on my side just because i'm used to it and i'm comfortable there. It might also have something to do with my OCD but idk...

#120... I have two reasons why my husband has a "side of the bed" 1. he feels that being closer to the door means he can better protect me 2. He's a mechanic, and even after a through shower... he has a lingering smell of diesel fuel and oil. Plus its actually better for your back in terms of how the mattress gets worn in, I know my booty and hips (and boobs) cause a wear pattern completely different from his, and he ends up in pain sleeping on my side of the bed [he does when I'm sick so I'm closer to the bathroom]

I think the total lack of respect is a more pressing issue than sex.

i think lack of respect = him not getting laid for a very very long time

Well at least you have the bed to yourself now

how DARE you let your pillow shift a few centimetres while you're asleep, what the **** is wrong with you OP!?