By Ashton Sprunger / Friday 30 December 2011 05:38 / United States
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  SecretMe00  |  5

Ya it seems like the speakers are usually too loud or too quiet. I don't get how it was a prank though? Wasn't the speaker messed up on its own? And that's why the people were yelling... I'm confused.

By  _streets_  |  19

I work at Starbucks and I swear it must be impossible for people to talk to the speaker in a regular volumed voice, they're either screaming "HI CAN I GET A LATTE!". Or whispering "..hello can I just get a coffee.."

  fancyclown  |  9

I feel sorry for anyone who has to take my dad's order. I always tell him to make a desicision before he gets to the speaker, but he feels inclined to stare at the menu while saying "hmmm.." for a couple hours.

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