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Today, I woke up to my 5-year-old standing over me with a pillow. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he and Steve were playing a game, but Steve said I have to be asleep for it. Steve is my son's imaginary friend. I'm convinced Steve wants to kill me. FML
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Oh no, not another Paranormal Activity! This will be like, what? 27?


PterodactylMan 23

Fast. Never look back, it smells fear

BubbleGrunge 18

No! Don't run! Call Sam and Dean!!!!

The Winchesters are your only hope.

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Run you clever boy, and remember...

Swim away swim away!!! That's right bitches. I brought finding Nemo in on this.

Yes!!!!! Love Sam & Dean>>>>>

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Yeah, you may wanna call a psychiatrist

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Congrats your child is a psychopath

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Or he's just a little kid and little kids have imaginary friends? Still doesn't excuse how creepy it is but all kids have had imaginary friends

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LOL oh my god! There's only one way to find out OP. sleep and see what Steve does ;)

Reminds me of the movie "Hide and seek"

I am scared of Steve. He reminds me of my imaginary friend Bob.

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My imaginary friend was nice, her name was Amy lol

Oh no, not another Paranormal Activity! This will be like, what? 27?

I was just thinking of paranormal activity 4 which I watched just the other day. Damn. I'm glad my kid doesn't have imaginary friends....yet.

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Paranormal activity is serious..!!! Those of you who don't have the ability to interact with spirits, I suggest you stop making jokes!!!!!

#31 can't tell if trolling, or just really stupid...

#31 can't tell if you're a dumb ******* bitch or just a bitch

ILoveMyArm 15

@50 Though I agree that her comment was stupid, you don't have to be so harsh. Did it really anger you so much to the extent where you have to call her a "dumb ******* bitch"?

ILoveMyArm 15

@62 I am not whining, I am just shocked by how riled up some of the commenters can get from a simple comment. Maybe try investing in a cat? I hear they do wonders in simmering one down. ;)

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ilovemyarm--I agree w u. some women take calling them a "bitch" really serious and offensive. I mean if u guys are ok with calling a girl a bitch coz she stated her opinion bout paranormal activity...then why dont we mind as well call her a ****..etc.. some people take names to heart. fml doesnt need to throw them around like it's just a word.

#31 is right guys, though it is just a movie, there are actual hauntings that sometimes go like that, the techinical term(s) for it is a Demonic Haunting (Poltregiest Haunting) i'm a ghost investigator myself, and from the stories i heard, those kinds of hauntings can literally scar you for life

106- FML is a place in which people come to laugh at other people's misfortune. If someone can't take heat for actually believing that those movies are real, then they should remove themselves from here immediately.

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Just to be on the safe side you should see a professional since that behavior shouldn't be tolerated, especially from such a young one. I hope everything goes good for you and your son Op!

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I know I just commented on their post so I wouldn't be in some last page and the Op wouldn't get to read my good regards c:

Steve might not be imaginary... He might be dead.

When I was little my dad said I had an imaginary friend that sounded exactly like a friend he had that died. He says some of the things I used to say, or say 'she' said sounded eerily similar to his friend. I can't even remember her now so, provided op survives the next 1 - 2 years, she/he has nothing to worry about, it's usually just a phase.

Better get him checked by a professional before you go to sleep and dont wake up. steve doesnt sound like a very friendly friend.

punkyboy 11

did you do something to piss steve off. horror movies have taught me to never mess with imaginary friends

ahippienamedrae 10

....Maybe you should get him tested for Schizophrenia or something. o.o

There's no need to jump the gun. 3-7 is the average age that children have an imaginary friend, and one (possibly innocent) incident isn't reason to have him tested for serious mental illness. Not to mention, schizophrenia is VERY rare in people under the age of 10.

He said it was rare, not impossible. Pointing out one case does nothing to disprove that notion.

A 6 year old who is probably older now? Woah dude, people age now? This is engaging stuff.

There was a show on TLC about her, I forget what her name is though.

skyttlz 32

There's a girl that's been on several talk shows because she has one of the most severe cases of schiz that doctors have ever seen. Her name is Jani and she's either 9 or 10 now.

"Also, most kids' imaginary friends don't tell them to kill their parents." Yeah, but nothing in the FML says that the imaginary friend DID tell the son to kill his parent. That was just the OP's assumption. For all we know, he WAS just playing a game with a pillow. That's what I mean though...Parents nowadays are so quick to assume their kid has a serious mental illness/disorder after one or two weird incidences. They shove their kids into therapy, tests or medication because they don't want to deal with their kids acting out. Or they see something on a medical show and convince themselves that their kids have that illness. Take the people in the comment section for many are telling the OP to get their kid tested for schizophrenia, despite the fact that nobody here knows anything about the child (or his medical history) beyond this FML, and that it is HIGHLY unlikely a child of that age would even have schizophrenia. They're just crying "schizophrenia!" because it's a disorder people are familiar with and the behavior KIND OF sounds schizophrenia-ish.

Thank you for being the voice of reason! Judging by the wording of what the kid said, it's more logically sound to believe that the kid was going to hit his parent with the pillow while his parent is sleeping. One suspicious looking incident does not mean that the child has mental issues or that anything at all is wrong with him. Parents who jump to conclusions as soon as a child exhibits the slightest oddity are the reason so many children are over medicated with meds that they don't even need. That and the sensationalist view of psychological problems and learning disabilities that is perpetrated by the media. Do your research, Moms and Dads, before you go and spend a ton of money of medications and therapy for behavior that will pass or can be dealt with in a more natural way.

134, that's her name! She has a little brother named Brody who showed some of the same signs, but last I saw/heard is that he hadn't been diagnosed yet.

I know 2 kids under 10 with diagnosed schizophrenia so it's not that rare.. I don't know that many kids

It still wouldn't hurt to atleast get the child checked out if any body told me their kid did this I would be scared for them until their child atleast goes to their doctor