By blueberry_hill - 11/12/2010 16:16 - United States

Today, my thirteen month old son woke me up at 6AM on my day off, by punching me in the eye. FML
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what a quick learner you've created


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what a quick learner you've created

maybe he meant "mum, i don't wanna sleep with you anymore! buy me a bed!!"

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that's so funny I forgot to laugh

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maybe he learned from watching his father o_O

Domo?? __ ________ / / | •____ • |/ / /| |VVVV| | / / | |/VVV| | —| | |___|___ |

13-agreed he's sending you a clear message. you fart too much in your sleep and he can't take it anymore.

the baby is ******* one year old not "13 months"

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the only information necessary to be portrayed in this FML as that her baby punched her in the face. I don't think the difference of a few months is even slightly relevant in this situation.

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lol when I first read this I thought it said 13 year old son

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For the first 2 years, children are referred to by their parents and doctors as however many months. 13 months and 23 months are very different things when figuring out clothing, medication, etc.

Throw him into fight club and bet on him!

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yeah, cus after giving birth all of our basic needs just jump out the window. Good point ;)

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Where does it say that the OP was sleeping with the child? Kids normally start to walk around their 1st birthday. (Both mine did at 10 months.) And many are able to crawl out of their cribs so they need to be put in toddler beds so they don't slip and fall. Kids hit to wake up their parents, not much you can do but try to teach them not to do it again.(:

12 - u posted 69 fmls and none got confirmed? >!<

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Ummm yeah. Lol. I was aiming for that number for luck. (:

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uh, YDI. Welcome to adulthood, this happens when you have children. get over it.

YDI for sleeping together with your kid. If you still have a man in your life, it sucks for him, and if you don't well get one and buy your kid a bed!

Hey, I edited that comment and it didn't work! So again: YDI for sleeping together with your kid. If you still have a man in your life, it sucks for him, and if you don't well get one and buy your kid a bed!

dude nowhere does it say the kid is sleeping with her, nor that she's single. wake up and think before you speak!

hey 37 keep talking shit from your mamas basement or whatever it is you douche bags do

Yeah but the kid is 13 months old, he's not crawling out of his crib and running to her room. The baby obviously slept with her. At least for that night.

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66, my kid by age 1 was able to crawl out of bed. They tend to hit you when trying to wake you up. So, no. This doesn't mean her kid was sleeping with her.

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Look at us Precious! We sound like mommies.(: I said almost the same thing you did.

apparently to these people on here 1 year olds are crippled and can't even crawl. thanks for backing me..

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Laugh while you can, in 9 yrs, that 13 month old will want nothing to do with you

it looks like she doesnt have to wait 13years.. that baby already wants away lol

I can't tell ya how many times I have been nailed by my kids when they were little. But through it all, I love it, considering once they hit 9-10yrs old, suddenly you go from the most important person in their lives to the one person they not want to be seen with in public almost overnight

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Wake up you ******* bastard ! How dare you hit my mother ! Take this you prick !

Why the hell are you co-sleeping, OP? I can understand keeping a baby crib in your room during the first few months, but keeping a year-old kid in your bed? That is just effin' wrong.

I'm curious of where you retards are reading that The kid was sleeping with the mother. nowhere does it say that.

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it's just sleeping, not sex sorry daddy touched you late at night but not all families are like that

Ok, let's think about it logically. Even if a kid of 13 months would crawl out of a crib, how would it crawl up onto her bed (the approximate height of which is about 60 cm)? I think that it would be quite a task for a toddler to crawl up on something that high. Thus, the co-sleeping suggestion.

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First of all, some beds are pretty low, and second, the kid wouldn't have to get on the bed to hit her, he could just stand next to it. A 13 month old would be perfectly capable of doing that if it were a low bed. I think whether or not the kid was sleeping with her is an incredibly relevant point, because that pretty much determines if it's an FYL or a YDI.

The OP just posted a comment down there, and, judging from it, the whole situation is a total YDI.