By Anonymous - 02/11/2014 16:44 - United States - Rome

Today, I was singing in my dorm. When I left a little later, a cute guy came up to me and asked if I was the girl who'd been singing. I proudly said yes. He replied, "Good thing you finally shut the fuck up!" and walked away. FML
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Ihavegas 22

like a boss

pwnman 33

YDI.. You live in a environment where people can be disturbed easily, you need understand that.


Ihavegas 22

like a boss

At least he was honest! Plus if you think you're good, then don't listen to him!

should have started singing as you walked away.

Personally I can't stand when people "think they're good" and don't listen to other people when they tell them they aren't good. It's like those stupid people on American Idol or something that think they can sing and in reality they're horrible, they have judges telling them they suck and they're like "I'm not going to let people bring me down, I'm going to keep persevering and singing and one day I'll be a famous singer." If people say you suck, you most likely suck. It's one thing to suck at singing and know it, another thing to suck at singing and think your good and want to sing on a stage in front of everyone all the time. *rant over* In regards to the FML... Regardless of whether op is good or not though, she should try and be aware of the fact that people are probably studying and sleeping all around her and to try not to sing really loud. Either way though, the guy was a jerk and shouldn't have been mean about it, he's should've asked her politely to keep it down.

Feelin' good on a Wednesday! Ya ya ya. I am Lorde.

Well that's one way to be a douche, but how loud were you singing ?

#2 asks a good question.. The bloke may not be referring to how well you sing but how loud you were singing. He is being a bit of a douche though. Who doesn't love a sing song?

Someone studying for finals or tests. Me when I get home after a 12 hour shift and the damn neighbors playing karaoke and suck at it, but I get what you were saying. Honestly it doesn't bother me much, and it's hilarious when I'm drinking with my friends outside while yelling out parodies of their songs .

pwnman 33

YDI.. You live in a environment where people can be disturbed easily, you need understand that.

Couldn't he have asked her to stop or something rather than, "Good thing you finally shut the **** up!" I think that's what the FML was mainly about. The fact that after she sang, he rudely made a comment. If he politely asked her there wouldn't be much of an FML

Do you really ******* expect college students in a dorm to go, "Oh, can you sing quieter, please?" My. Fucking. Ass.

College students have enough to deal with. If I was trying to study, I'd probably be pretty pissed that there was singing! Unless you gotta voice like Tiny Tim. Don't ask why, don't you judge me!

jazzy_123 20

28, OK gramps, you know you can't be getting too worked up. its not healthy for you.

@42: in FML, we have made it abundantly clear that the elderly run wild, and do what they want with maximum levels of sass and minimum levels of chill. I don't think any of us have the power to stop him...

Some people are nice, some people are rude. But this guy is a special kind of rude...

The funny kind ? Or the asshole kind ? Let the polls begin.

Asshole kind, definitely

sweetnsourrr 11

The OP was rude too, just saying. Its really disrespectful to just sing really loud especially when people are probably studying, relax, concentrate, sleep, or whatever is they're trying to do.

meli1195 31

plus, who's to say OP sings well

Who said she sang loudly? Even soft singing goes through walls. Since its her home during college she has every right to sing. Just like he has every right to not like it.

Buy him ear plugs and keep doing what you're doing.

Coming up on the news at ten, aspiring singer beaten to death by entire dorm. Body found with ear plugs lodged in interesting place. Stay tuned for details.

Haha I got a visual. After the perpetrators were questions they were claiming " We just wanted to plug them in her".

Singing in a dorm is obnoxious, people are trying to sleep or study. And let's be honest, nobody wants to hear your voice, as much as you'd like to think so.

Write a song about how he's an ass and then do the same thing.

I don't care if you are tone deaf, you can sing when you want. Tell him to buy earplugs or something. He was very rude to say that.

ChristianH39 30

If you live in a house you can sing whenever you want. If you live in a dorm with other people you can also sing whenever you want, but everyone's gonna hate you. That guys still a dick, but OP deserved it 100% IMO.

You can sing whenever you want, but the guy can say he's glad you STFU whenever he wants. Under your logic, he was absolutely in the right.

So glad I live in a rented house and people don't mind me singing/playing piano. But I routinely ask if they're bothered by it and I stop if they are (but they never are, apparently).

tantanpanda 26

singing with piano is completely different. if someone was playing the piano well in a dorm, I really wouldn't mind studying to that. Just blatantly singing though, nah. Singing would only bother me if it's too loud or subpar. piano, on the other hand, would be fine as long as it's not complete crap like slamming random keys.

Gaernem 17

Yeah, I'm in the same boat, I rent a house just so I can play my drums, sing/scream. And thankfully the neighbors actually compliment my work, so I have nothing to worry about at the moment.

the fact that he was "cute" shouldn't matter. if you're disappointed he didn't like your signing because he was "cute" then you deserve it. either way who cares, he's a stranger and you can sing to your hearts content regardless of people's opinion.