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  s_t_e_p_h  |  0

There are such things in this world called "lesbians". Sometimes a mommy and a mommy can love each other just as much as a mommy and a daddy. It has to do with your genetic code.


In reply to 195-actually it has nothing to do with your genetic code, it is actually smething in your brain, besides if it was in your genes some evil dude would have been experimenting on gays already trying to remove the gene like x-men....
The girl that dumped you is a bitch, did u do anything wrong?

  PaulG10  |  0

of course #85, because people making up random stories on FML are so much more common than lesbians gays or bisexuals. your ignorant. you should've been donated to stem-cell research.

  easylazy  |  0

OMg, the OP could have easily lied about her gender for no reason or chose "woman" by mistake!!! Why don't people ever realize that just because it says "woman" doesn't mean that it's always going to be a woman writing?!?!

  gvschmidt94  |  0

Yeah it is. I'm a guy and it happened to me, except my girlfriend went for a girl. Most guys would think it's hot or something (and it is XD), but when your in love, it hurts :l

  virgilwoods  |  0

Actually, you asshole, there's a massively populated website on the interwebs dedicated to trolling FML and posting fake stories. They outnumber us all, especially the 3% of FML users that may be gay, so yes, there's a substantially higher probability of the story being fake than the OP being a lesbian.

You, sir, are the one that should have been donated to the cause of stem-cell research, you ignorant, brainwashed, pathetic sheep.

  easylazy  |  0

Um, slut and whore basically mean the same thing.
First of all, a slut is someone who has sex with a lot of people and whore is someone who gets paid for sex. But really, in the way it is used, there is no difference. English is an ever-changing language, so a word is only defined by the way people use it.
Secondly, that doesn't make people illiterate!!! I mean, they can read and write and everything!!

  ddldave  |  0

Are you serious? Do you even know the definition of a whore? She's still a whore no matter what/ If she was that angry at him, she could of grown up and have the strength to dump him. But instead she chose to do this ridiculous thing.

  Logica42  |  0

...whore= gets paid for being a slut.

So really, calling a slut a whore is a compliment (in a sense). Therefore, you should go with "slut".


Jesus H Christ dude, do you get off on being a fucking grammar nazi?

The OP's ex-GF, is a 100% Grade A WHORE. Did she get paid to make out with the other guy? Most likely not, but she's a whore to the fullest extent. Why don't you go beat-off into a proper dictionary, and get off this fucking site.


Hey, Seeing as you clearly own a dictionary, and love to quote it.. how about this. Give us all your dictionary's definitions of Whore? And the publishing date of the dictionary? if it's not 2008 or 2009, it doesn't count.


here's what mine says...
Whore (n)

1. A prostitute.
2. (pejorative) A person who is considered to be sexually promiscuous.
3. A person who is unscrupulous, especially one who compromises their principles for gain.

Pay close attention to #2.