By larvagirl23 - 18/06/2009 15:08 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of ten months sent me a picture message of her making out with a guy. Under it, it read, "You can pick your stuff up in the morning." FML
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send that picture to her father

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whaddddda bitch.


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whaddddda bitch.

ewww lesbian larvagirl is ur name wtf ewwww noob

115, don't reply to the first comment just to put yours on the top. Note the irony?

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thats sad did u do anything rong cuz that mite have ticked her off

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dude only noobs call people noobs

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umm well i read right you should read the end of my comment...."and if your a girl do the same but with a guy...." go take reading classes your a failure oh and if shes lesbian its okay she can use a guy 2...or a girl oh and P.S. she might be bi.... ugh

loopty95 = Epic fail.

why do you keep commenting on this fml?

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Yeah for real!

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this is FAKE. if you look the OP is a girl from texas and she is saying "my girlfriend sent me a picture massage" what a dumbass liar!

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So a girl can't be dating another girl? Where the hell do you live? Under a rock??? We do have gay relationships here in Texas too, dumbass. just called then a noob

There are such things in this world called "lesbians". Sometimes a mommy and a mommy can love each other just as much as a mommy and a daddy. It has to do with your genetic code.

So... why does that mean this is fake?

maybe shes lesbian, retard.

...why would you doubt shes lesbian? do you know her? shut up.

^^^ number 2 not meant for you. sorry.

you can get massaged by pictures now?


have u ever heard of lesbians?

wow wtfyeah that's fucked up. that's probably the worst break up story i've heard in a while. FYL, dude. :(

In reply to 195-actually it has nothing to do with your genetic code, it is actually smething in your brain, besides if it was in your genes some evil dude would have been experimenting on gays already trying to remove the gene like x-men.... The girl that dumped you is a bitch, did u do anything wrong?

What you should do, is post that pic on the internet.

That was the stupidest thing I have ever heard anyone say. Learn grammar and punctuation, moron.

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#182, kill yourself.

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#240 - And what decides how your brain is put together...? If anything, it is a combination of Nature and Nurture

send that picture to her father

Oh, hell yeah. I have to say, that's a stroke of genius.

I think the message needs to be sent with it

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I also agree. Just forward the whole thing to him, message and all.

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Or he could photoshop it and replace the guy with a girl and then send it

Yeah, better yet, send one of yourself and your ex gf with your face blurred out.

You are a genius.

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"Today, my girlfriend..." probably means the OP is a guy. Nice try though

WTF. In what universe does someone with a girlfriend have to be a guy. This is a prime example of the backwards outdated thinking that our society hasn't managed to correct yet.

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The OP is a girl, as both her profile and username suggest. Her girlfriend dumped her for a guy and chose this as the way to show her. It's really not hard to understand. The only FAIL is those who can't figure that out.

umm how is the OP a girl ?:S

Note how it says "WOMAN".

Today, my girlfriend of ten months sent me a picture message of her making out with a guy. Under it, it read "you can pick your stuff up in the morning." FML #2992603 (83) I agree, your life is f***ed (6849) - you deserved that one (262) On 06/18/2009 at 11:08am - sex - by larvagirl23 (******WOMAN*****) - United States (Texa ......................................................................................^^^^^^^^^^^ see?

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Oh yeah, sure, because girls can't date girls NEVA EVA EVA! /endofstupidity

okay okay i get it i usually don't look at that. still, ew

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lol, that backwards society thing is hilarious. That's taking it a bit too far there. Still, i see now its a chick. My bad.

One more reason I'm so glad FML finally put in these new features. Now if only people paid attention to them.

quite honestly, your retarded. look at the OP/user profile, then say whatever the hell you want.

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send it to some illegitamate websites

Post it on 4chan with a clever caption and hope it becomes a meme.

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Why do you doubt she's a lesbian?

and make sure to keep the actual text on the phone so the next person she dates can read you can pack up your stuff in the morning!

and this is so hard to believe...why?

the person is a woman. she sent it to her girlfriend as in ' i like guys now' look closer undr the fml!!!

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true but the OP is a woman. even suckier is that her girlfriend is cheating on her or dumping her for a man. cross-gender cheating is a bitch...

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of course #85, because people making up random stories on FML are so much more common than lesbians gays or bisexuals. your ignorant. you should've been donated to stem-cell research.

well, they're already lesbians... notice the OP is a girl.

spinarium 2

very good. a stroke of genius there

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OMg, the OP could have easily lied about her gender for no reason or chose "woman" by mistake!!! Why don't people ever realize that just because it says "woman" doesn't mean that it's always going to be a woman writing?!?!

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You win. That's the best idea I've heard all day.

Howdyplz 2

Sorry for the first comment, it wasnt directed at you. Or op could be a lesbian, like most would assume.

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Yeah it is. I'm a guy and it happened to me, except my girlfriend went for a girl. Most guys would think it's hot or something (and it is XD), but when your in love, it hurts :l

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it's a girl talking

is it really a doubtable thing for a chick to be a lesbian? wtf is wrong with you?

Actually, you asshole, there's a massively populated website on the interwebs dedicated to trolling FML and posting fake stories. They outnumber us all, especially the 3% of FML users that may be gay, so yes, there's a substantially higher probability of the story being fake than the OP being a lesbian. You, sir, are the one that should have been donated to the cause of stem-cell research, you ignorant, brainwashed, pathetic sheep.

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#151-Awww... that's so sad... I'm sorry. :-(

#144: Besides the fact that it says "woman" the OP's name is also "LarvaGIRL23." That would mean she's a girl.

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genius! god that's amazing!

lol, the name is larvaGIRL23

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Maybe she thought the question was asking: "Which gender do you prefer?"

we've established that .

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True dat

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Lol thats a good idea! Very smart I have to say.

Her father would be proud

if you mean proud because his daughter is now straight you are a sick homophobic bastard. if not then my bad!

#302 I thing #2 is referencing how much of a whore she is not homophobia tendencies.

Ah dude, that sucks.

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ummm...the OP is a girl. if ya didnt catch that.

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And you're too sensitive. I use "dude" when talking to my female friends all the time.

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54- it's actually a guy... It says my GIRLFRIEND sent me a picture of her making out with another guy

Actually it says with a guy not with another guy, plus username even has girl in it.

what did you do to make her angry? i mean, she might not be just a whore. she might be getting back at you for something.

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I'm pretty sure that still makes her a whore. ._.

Yeah, that still makes her a whore.

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Um, slut and whore basically mean the same thing. First of all, a slut is someone who has sex with a lot of people and whore is someone who gets paid for sex. But really, in the way it is used, there is no difference. English is an ever-changing language, so a word is only defined by the way people use it. Secondly, that doesn't make people illiterate!!! I mean, they can read and write and everything!!

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ummmmmmm dude y do u care???

Are you serious? Do you even know the definition of a whore? She's still a whore no matter what/ If she was that angry at him, she could of grown up and have the strength to dump him. But instead she chose to do this ridiculous thing.

...whore= gets paid for being a slut. So really, calling a slut a whore is a compliment (in a sense). Therefore, you should go with "slut".

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Jesus H Christ dude, do you get off on being a fucking grammar nazi? The OP's ex-GF, is a 100% Grade A WHORE. Did she get paid to make out with the other guy? Most likely not, but she's a whore to the fullest extent. Why don't you go beat-off into a proper dictionary, and get off this fucking site.

Actually, it makes her promiscuous, if we're going with literacy here.

Hey, Seeing as you clearly own a dictionary, and love to quote it.. how about this. Give us all your dictionary's definitions of Whore? And the publishing date of the dictionary? if it's not 2008 or 2009, it doesn't count.

here's what mine says... Whore (n) Singular whore Plural whores 1. A prostitute. 2. (pejorative) A person who is considered to be sexually promiscuous. 3. A person who is unscrupulous, especially one who compromises their principles for gain. Pay close attention to #2.

OH man. Thats really terrible. I'm sorry that she is so horrible; you'll find someone better for sure. There are not many worse than that.


Your (ex)girlfriend is made of bitch.

Keep that pic. It may come in handy when she moves on to the guy after this.

Do the same thing to her.

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He should find a girl make out with her and take a picture that says " I will."

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At least it's not a secret. (alluding to my own personal FML)

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wowww isnt she cool!?!