By appaluver - 03/09/2011 23:53 - United States

Today, I was at my friend's house and accidentally blew out a candle that was supposed to be lit for seven days straight. It was in honor of her grandmother who had recently died. FML
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... What? This FML doesn't.. I'm not even going to.

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I understand that your incredibly immature sense of humor makes that funny, 1, but it has nothing to do with the FML.

RealEffinDeal 4

Hey 1, remember when that joke was funny? Yeah, me neither.

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Go home... Think about the lame ass joke you just said... Think of a better one and try being funny this time... Fag

OP should probably sleep with the light on for a few nights. :D

After seeing your profile picture. I should probably sleep a few nights with the lights on.

cIickhere 5

Don't worry she will understand and forgive you in heaven.

How do you accidentally blow out a candle....

27- lmaoo agreed! 20s picture is kinda scary xD

It would've been handy having a party hat and a popper at that moment. You could've been like, "Isn't this supposed to be your Grandma's birthday party? Oh well."

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Ya and how do u accidentally blow out a candle poor grammy

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Accidentaly as is didn't know it was supposed to stay lit. For example; I accidentally flushed the toiled when I went in the bathroom to wash my face but the water was supposed to sit there for a few hours because it had bleach in it.

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Her grandma is gonna haunt you....

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for some reason this comment really matches your picture! :P

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Happy Birthday! Oh wait, nevermind. My bad.

So you made a mistake. Relight it. Problem solved.

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12 Knock over a glass of water. Pick up the glass. Refill glass. Problem solved. Except for that puddle of water...

GlitteryMasakali 1

33 we're talking about a candle. Not a glass of waterrr. Soo no worrying about a puddle of water.

That's proper procedure for a candle in a Shiva home - good call.

There's no candle equivalent for "that puddle of water," so your comparison doesn't really make sense.

The number you have dialed has been disconnected...

I don't completly understand the relavence (sp?) of this comment but it's still hilarious :) nice reference