Overbearing girlfriend

By Jake - 16/09/2013 19:08 - United States - Albany

Today, I woke up, thinking it was going to be a good day. However, when I looked at my phone, I saw that my girlfriend had sent me an obscene number of angry messages, which are still coming in, because I forgot to say goodnight to her last night. FML
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Goodness, just imagine what would happen to him if he was late to his wedding for playing WOW! Your girlfriend sounds a bit unreasonable lol.

Or you could go old school and say your Internet wasn't working...or better yet, your dial up

That's a Red Flag and you need to end that relationship.

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Hey Jake(OP) RUN, RUN far and fast, RUN like the wind.

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I wonder if OP is the Jake from Statefarm

This fml sounds similar to the new cell phone commercial where the gf breaks her arm.......just sayin

This is one of those rare times that it is okay to break up with someone via text. I could see why the girl would be worried but not angry (as soon as OP explained that he fell asleep, the subject should be dropped). In this situation, worrying means she cares; being angry means she's controlling.

Omfg mine does the same thing!!!! I'm like CALM DOWN BRO you are freaking out for no reason.... Why do women maker you feel like its the end of the world when you don't tell them good night??

Girls like the little things! They want to be the last thing u think about before u go to sleep! Haha

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133 OMFG cuz women are all the same right?!?! Except they're not, you just happen to be in a relationship with one that freaks out if you don't say "goodnight".

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That doesn't quite work with a girlfriend, not sure if you've noticed.

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Actually I think that depends on the girl. We're not all the same.

it's girls like this that make guys thunj all girls are crazy bitches

Tell that bitch "Good bye" then see what she does! I'm just kidding sorry op!

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If you were going to say "sorry, jk" why post this in the first place? Anyway, she sounds like a handful OP. Good luck.

She specifically needs to know if OP can do it.

to be grammatically correct this comment should read: 'can you spell "insane"?' And yes, if op can spell 'obsene' he can probably spell 'insane', one would think.

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I can't stop laughing at your comment. You try to sound grammatically competent, but you failed twice. One, the question mark goes before the end quotations- same thing with commas. Two, it's "obscene." That might have been a typo, but your comment was still hilarious to me. -GRAMMAR NAZI

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Actually, the question mark was in the correct place. It wouldn't go inside the quotation marks unless the thought quoted is a complete question. It was before the apostrophe, as it should be since the contained was a complete question. However, the quotation marks should have been around the entire question and "insane" should have been surrounded by two apostrophes. Also, as a complete quote, the other two question marks should have been included.

No I see a 40 yr old man dressed like a little girl going to a tea party with his little dolls.

126, even if that is what you're wondering, then keep that to yourself. There's no need to act that way.

I-n-s-e... Damnit I messed up! Guess not. :(

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It pisses me off when my boyfriend forgets, but he's a football player and he's always exhausted so I don't usually get mad at HIM more at his coach... But I'm sorry she's crazy :( FYL

Why do you get pissed off when your boyfriend forgets? I really never got this notion. Maybe I am a bit newfangled, but when my significant other does not say goodnight to me over text, I don't get pissed. I just figure that they are either busy, tired, or fell asleep. I don't put the worth of the relationship on whether or not they forget to say goodnight a few times.

So what you're telling me is you're sorry that his girlfriend is just as crazy as you. You just said you get pissed off, too, so how are you any less crazy than her?

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It says a lot when someone important to you remembers to do the little things. If my boyfriend or friends forget to, or don't say goodnight, I get disappointed, but not pissed. I'm not defending the OP, but don't put other people down because they get a little sore over this stuff.

A little sore? A little sore is when you are disappointed and ask, nicely, if they can remember. This girl deserves to be put down because she wrote an "obscene" amount of angry texts over something that is, in the end, a courtesy not a right.

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Because I'm not mad at him, more at the coach, maybe if you read it thoroughly you'd have gotten that(:

Maybe your boyfriend should have written this FML about you

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And I don't write obscene texts when he forgets, I just get a bit sad, and then annoyed at his coach -.- stupid coaches

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And it's also because there have been a few times where he's been seriously injured in practice so when he doesn't say anything after it scares me because something might have happened

I think getting annoyed at the coach is worse and more crazy. I mean come on he's only doing his job and your bf chooses to play.

Adree, if you know he is not likely to text you after games, why do you keep getting mad about it? Or sad? I work until 3 am in the morning. My boyfriend would like it if I texted him I made it home safe, but a lot of the time I am in a hurry to get home and sleep. I don't always remember to send him a text. He works similar hours, so when he is concerned he will text me instead. Your boyfriend chooses to play football. The coach has a job to do. Getting mad about him not texting you is silly and a waste of your energy. It is like women who have husbands/boyfriends in the army and get upset that they could get injured or that they are not able to be there for them emotionally. If you cannot handle it, then break up with him and find someone who sits at home, in a padded bubble, and is available 24/7 for all your emotional needs.

Women don't realize that when they call acting all crazy on the phone, there is ALWAYS another woman nearby who wants to hear the whole story and sympathize with your man. DON'T be crazy on the phone, ladies.

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Oh dear lord. Tell her to get over herself.

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Or end it. I'd rather not date someone who sends an "obscene" number of text messages to me over not saying good night-- people forget. Move on.