By xetsa - France
Today, I realized for the last year that my husband has been home from Iraq, I haven't gotten more than a few hours of sleep at night. Not because he gets nightmares, but because he now snores so loud that the pets sleep at the other end of the house to get rest. FML
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  Residence_fml  |  4

there is no need to just turn him to his side, he can't snore that way just hope he won't mind it that you may wake him up (I assume he is kind off heavy which makes it hard to turn him on his side since he is a soldier or something like that)

  idkweird  |  0

At least he's home. Also, get him into the docor. When people snore that loud, it's could be due to some sleep apnea.

The other option, buy earplugs. My stepdad did!

  njmachine  |  0

my dad had a problem with snoring and it had to do with his airways constricting or something so the doctor gave him this mask-breather thing so now he can breathe well at night and is much quieter. definitely worth looking into for you.

  hjrn  |  0

a cpap is loud she is too special that would keep her up too. then we would have to read about how the machine keeps her awake

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#26 Trust me, people can snore laying on their sides. My husband does it every night.

I have to agree with idkweird on this. But did he snore before he left? Sounds like yoi just got used to sleeping alone.

  Residence_fml  |  4

Perhaps that is some other kind of snoring the because it works just fine with my boyfriend. Just go to the doctor OP, I still don't think he needs pills but there are many other solutions as already said

  Residence_fml  |  4

(sorry some problem with editing)
Perhaps that is some other kind of snorring (if that's possible) because it works just fine with my boyfriend. Just go to the doctor OP, I still don't think he needs pills but there are many other solutions as already pointed out above.
All the people complaining about her being a whiny bitch because he got home from Iraq and she then complains he snores well stop being so proud your country is fighting for oil and THINK. She isn't complaining he got out from Iraq, she probably had trouble sleeping while he was in Iraq and now he is back she gets even less sleep.

  FMLable  |  0

My thoughts exactly. This is a man who could easily have been killed in war. You should be valuing the fact that you have him around, not complaining that he snores. As posted above, get him some nasal strips or even a snoring medication. A humidifier could help. But don't complain that he snores when an alternative is so much worse.

  dragonwarrior  |  3

This might be a war that is "stupid" or anything you want to call it but he is not a dumbass for fighting in it cause if he didnt fight someone else would. Would you do it?

By  voveraite  |  7

Yes, all fine and dandy he's home alive and well. But think a little what will end up out of their marriage? Sleep deprived people grow to be resentful, even if they wish they weren't. Not sleeping together anymore spells dry spells... Doctor is indeed the solution, and yes, it is a major FML!

  damoki  |  8

I agree completely! My husband snores on and off and some nights it really is difficult not to shove him out of the bed to make him stop. I totally understand her frustration if thats happening night after night

By  SenGaeriel  |  3

You could do what I did. I got my own room. I eventually divorced him, but not for the snoring.

Here's what I think might be the situation:
1) The OP never noticed the snoring before.
2) He's developed some sort of medical condition or has an allergy that is causing him to snore.
3) The snoring is temporary and should go away as soon as he adjusts back to his home environment.

And tell your husband, welcome home and thanks!

By  slushmo  |  0

what did you just type? how did it take you a year to realize this? the pets sleeping a little further away is not a big deal at all. buy some nasal strips