By acw2110 - United States
  Today, I woke up after having had sex with my 4-year crush expecting to find him in bed next to me. Instead, I found my cell phone with a text message from him that said "you should really do something about the pimples on your ass." FML
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By  d_dh2310  |  0

aww i'm sorry, i've had a pimple there before and it's awkward! don't let him judge you for THAT.. seriously?! he's an asshole, try to get over him as fast as you can.

By  mariasaur  |  0

Lolol, #11 they said that their partner was a guy, so I am assuming that the poster is a girl. Maybe a gay guy, but I doubt it. He is an asshole, but maybe take his advice?

By  crazycar  |  0

Assne sucks. I've had one or two. And who says he hit it from the back. Maybe he felt it on her has during foreplay. But still, Fuck that dude in the goat ass! You don't need or want someone so immature.