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  applebramble  |  22

I'd go bat shit crazy at my boyfriend if he ever did that to me . I'd maybe have a laugh at the fact he wet his bed coz it happens (very rarely) , but rolling me into his wet pile will wake the devil inside of me . Be a man and do the right thing

  kjack49044  |  18

Incoming "Today I woke up to find that I wet the bed, although my underwear was completely dry. My boyfriend swears he doesn't know what's going on. FML"

  Daaaan  |  13

A friend of me once did the same thing to a one night stand he had over in his house.
He blamed it all on her and made her pay for new bed sheets and for washing the mattress.

So to all you people who think that what the OP did is the lowest you can go, you can always go lower.
OP is still a coward though

  karma8033  |  2

Ok, I can see trying to blame it on the other person in bed, even as horrible as it is. But to then make them pay for new sheets and to have the mattress cleaned. That is beyond words horrible! I would straight up punch a mofo in the throat if they tried to do that to me.

  colton_colton  |  49

He needs to grow a pair and man up

  buttcramp  |  21

Exactly! OP, wouldn't you rather feel embarrassed than make your girlfriend feel that way? Plus, it's bad enough being in your own urine but being in someone else's is just disgusting! You could of been a man and immediately woke her and said "Something spilled! I didn't want you to sleep in the wet spot so let me take care of this, baby. I'm sorry." if you were really that ashamed! it's still not the truth but this way you would be taking the blame and not embarrassing yourself or her! My guess is you're partying too hard if you piss yourself in your sleep to begin with.. and if your girl doesn't wake up from being flipped over and onto wetness.