By is_that_right - 27/12/2014 19:14 - United States - El Paso

Today, I texted my girlfriend, saying "Hey there." She quickly replied, assuring me that she's not cheating on me. Uh, okay. FML
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if you weren't thinking it before, you are now. good luck op


"Dexter! The **** you doing on a boat at this time of night throwing stuff the water?" "Uhh.. Definitely not disposing of a body." "Oh, okay! I was really worried that that specifically was what you were doing."

I'd say she already explained everything.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

"the lady doth protest too much, methinks"

You're from Texas, can you just shoot her? Lol. JK.

She only said that because you didn't notice that your phone accidentally autocorrected "Hey there" to "Hey *****." It was an honest mistake I'm sure.

rdenkewicz 11

Why would ***** be on his auto correct? Perhaps he has some explaining to do?

I think 31 meant the irony of her (30's) profile..?

I think that both 31 and 37 are confused as to what irony actually is. How ironic!

due to the lack of iron(y) in this, I got anaemia

tantanpanda 26

I guess using irony for things that aren't even ironic is mainstream now.

A07 48

#31 refers to #30's description which is ironically 'Hey there'.

if you weren't thinking it before, you are now. good luck op

IMO, OP should talk to his girlfriend first to clarify the situation, and then decide whether it's better to break up or not.

Very rarely will talking about this shit actually make the truth come out. It's cheating. Nobody ever admits it unless they have no other option.

Is it possible an old boyfriend was abusive or something and so she was worried you might think she was cheating for no reason too? I don't know, but it could be a possibility.

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she's actually cheating. no reason to get defensive if nothing is wrong. sorry OP.

I swear that I am not hooking up with Shane Oman in the projection room above the auditorium!

Sounds like the 21st century edition of Clue.

dannnngthatsux 19

Ah, but 46, what was the weapon used?

Well the obvious answer would be that she has a guilty conscience, but it's possible that something happened recently that made her feel the need to reassure you. Either way you should get more information before taking any kind of action.

Yes! A sane reply as opposed to all the other "dump her ass!" and "no reason to get defensive if nothing's wrong". I'm not excluding the possibility that she is cheating, but I definitely agree that you should find out more and not make any rash decisions that may end up breaking up a mutually loyal relationship.

So what's the problem? She's not cheating on you. You should be glad.

Why would someone randomly say I'm not cheating on you unless they actually were cheating and were paranoid.

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There should really be a sarcasm banner in FML.