By anonymous - 08/01/2015 19:10 - United States - Noblesville

Today, after getting into bed, I found a used condom under my covers. I asked my roommate about it. She freely admitted that since my bed was comfier than hers, she had sex with her boyfriend on it. FML
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It's like some people have no sense of respect, or a brain altogether.

Sounds like it may have rubbered you the wrong way.


Sounds like it may have rubbered you the wrong way.

At least her roommate didn't try to cover up the truth. However, she definitely covered something else.

I bet when she came into the room she realized right away

Looks like someone came in the room....

They came and then left....the condom in plain sight

Sounds like she has secrets beneath the sheets.

Don't you just love it when a #1 comment is really excellent? Speed + wit. I salute you sir (or madam, since your profile is mysterious).

Well, you know what you should do. Right?

Maybe it's just me, but no, not really..

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Move out. My dormmate (traditional dorm) did that my freshman year. I transfered to a different dorm as soon as I could. I still don't like that slore.

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Well the only thing to do in all fairness would be to use her bed for sex...then get a new roommate.

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67- your profile pic makes that comment even funnier

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67 I would have said piss in her bed but, your idea is much better.

Or piss and shit on her bed! Let that all seep into the mattress!

It's like some people have no sense of respect, or a brain altogether.

They say roommates get close during the school year... She really took that a step further

They actually say that they grow apart, and now they're about to.

Welp, that bitch would just have to die *shrugs shoulders*

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This is when you go full sassy diva. Regina George that bitch.

Someone's watched Mean Girls one too many times. I don't think a Burn Book is necessary, and don't even think about pushing her near a bus!

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NO RESPECT!!! You're gonna need a new mattress.

At least she was honest about it, a lot of roommates are complete assholes, considering she isn't maybe you can get a new mattress out of this.

If her roommate would have been willing to buy another mattress, she would have upgraded her own. And not only did she use her bed, she left a USED CONDOM in it. That's pretty assholeish. If her boyfriend had picked up after himself, she probably would not have told OP.