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By Username - 01/05/2011 08:20 - United States

Today, I grabbed my t-shirt off the floor beside the bed and got up to walk my boyfriend's dog. After several trips around the block, and plenty of strange looks, I got back upstairs and saw the used condom stuck to my sleeve from the night before. FML
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I'm pretty sure you should have seen that before you left the house hun. gross


ImThePope 2

Agreed, if you are having sex with condoms, then... maybe... just maybe... you should throw the condom away after...

hahaha disgusting yes but at least everyone now knows that she practicses safe sex!

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Well you don't see that everyday...haha

Predental 5

I like how nobody told her about the condom

ImaWiseGuy 5

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Blame it on the dog. Just like you do when you fart. ;)

they kept it to use it again the next night.

i agree with 10. it's not THAT hard to go to a garbage and throw it out -.-

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my grandma did that once.

I'm pretty sure you should have seen that before you left the house hun. gross

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At least they all know that you have safe sex! :D

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LOL omg, well that's awkward.

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wtf is ur problem.. do you know what akward is? ur face

TinyDude 10

i think 4 is pretty hot 109. u should stop raging just cause shes cuter den u.

Now you know why the pill is better. ]:->

Sprocket 5

The pill doesn't protect from STDs. They are BF and GF, not married...

dudeitsdanny 9

And everyone knows that marriage protects you from STDs in a way just being in a relationship can't. /sarcasm

KiddNYC1O 20

If elaborated, 39 is right.

51- yea cause everyone loves STD's, u can never be to sure, sometimes ppl don't know if they have an STD

neither do condoms, they can help prevent but it's nit guaranteed

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the shower would in no way remove the condom from that shirt....

CateXOX 0

It would if you wore your shirt in the shower, or am I the only one that does that?

Pretty sure you're the only one that does that, 25.

i always shower with all my clothes on. i save so much because i never have to do laundry.

25, I shower with my clothes on. to dry my clothes I wipe then off with a towel. then I hop in the dryer.

I'm I the only one who showers naked?! :P

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Ali_Br_fml 33

Omg, how unfortunate... Well, the neighborhood knows what you've been up to now... At least it wasn't an exploded centipede...

Gross2332 0

The neighbors must be jeolous of you know OP

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