By PJ - / Tuesday 5 January 2010 14:06 / United States
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  Reyo  |  2

I'm curious as to what the respect of your houskeeper would do for you. Not to be rude, but she's you're fucking housekeeper. It's not like she has the authority to give you an Oscar or a Nobel proze.

  Maddoctor  |  10

Really? Because all those other FML's with "I (insert action) so I could get my family to think I have a life" totally don't get tons of FYL's. Just like that girl who got dressed up on New Year's Eve so her parents would think she had a social life. It's the same concept, and people seem to be sympathetic in those cases.

  Maddoctor  |  10

Yes but your family shouldn't judge you even if you have no social life. I think the OP has some serious ego problems, but unfortunately people who aren't close to you tend to judge, and most people try to get them to judge in a good light. Although I'm not entirely sure if making it seem like you have a sex life will bring you good judgements...

I'm just saying the two FML's are of equal standing.

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