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Today, I took my girlfriend out to eat at a diner where my friend works. My friend was our waiter but too busy to talk much. He texted me after we'd left to tell me that my girlfriend had slipped him her number. FML
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At least you found out that way, rather than her attempting cheating on you, and your friend was honest to tell you what happened, you have a good friend there


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If she only wanted to be friends, why would she "slip it to him"?

caohm 18

You're more optimistic than spongebob on any given day. I wish the world was as nice as you think it is.

#1: How old are you? Do your parents know you are smoking? Yeah, I read your profile. You're going to get hate from me over your picture.

Yeah #1 your way to young to be smoking. Do you think you cool because of it? Because your not.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

This is fml fellas, not a life lesson site. The cigar doesn't even look like it's lit. Maybe he's reenacting a Scarface bit, either way, it's his body, not yours.

Phallic symbol? Freud would have a mouthful too. :P

60. Like you said, this is FML, since when did people mind their own business here?

Obey_StudBoii 23

Your profile picture..just.. smh.

I'm not trying to hate on your picture #1, but how old exactly are you?!

Wait, probably not? I'm thinking that's DEFINITELY not the case

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That was a test, #1, and you failed. No personal info. Ever. Or you will ultimately be punished.

That is exactly what i was thinking it's rare to find people that would do that for you instead of keeping it a secret

Unless he doesn't like OP's gf and the text was a lie. Hey, it's happened plenty of times...

well if she really did slip him her number,he'll have proof.

He could simply write her number out on a piece if paper or a napkin if he really wanted to forge some evidence.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Ever heard of 'different handwriting' #115?

115- why would op's friend have the girlfriends number to fake?

How would he even have her number in the first place.? So basically he can't just write it down if he doesn't know it.

Was this pun intended, you are quite clever

It would have been better if I pulled a Perdix. "Looks like he... *lowers sunglasses* waited for the right moment." But yes, 'twas intended.

Spider_Web 11

It took me several rereads to get that pun

jensen21 19
WalterWhite_ 3

Walter, your wife cheated on you, yet she isn't in Belize.

WalterWhite_ 3

She's family. She is off limits.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

So.. If I cheat on a girl she's going to pay for my ticket to Belize!? Look out world, I'm going to cheat until you pay for my flight! I always wanted to see the Mayan temples down there. And that barrier reef!? Count me in!

Seriously? Maybe it's time for a new girlfriend OP.

At least you found out that way, rather than her attempting cheating on you, and your friend was honest to tell you what happened, you have a good friend there

TheDrifter 23

If she isn't, it's not for a lack of trying on her part.

amaindayyy46 20

Wow, you have a terrible girlfriend. Be happy you at least have a good friend.

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She slipped my buddy her number so I slipped her decomposing rotting corpse into the river.

You do like them tender, don't you Boners.

ThatFancyPenn 18

There's two kinds of people in this world.

Spider_Web 11

I swear, the first person to say "threeway" gets a Coke bottle up his ass.

Is that how you got yours? Naughty naughty doctor. ;)

11- *Takes a breath to say just that...* *Eyeballs the pic...* *Sits back down, silently.* ;P

Oh they should have a threewa...oh. Nevermind. OP's hopefully soon to be ex might want that bottle for herself later.

You spoil my fun, but really, poor guy. I had a few girlfriends like that. Nothing but heartache.

I dunno Doc... that comment... it kind of makes it sound like you want to make it a fourway...

Ins0mau 20

A three way with a Coke bottle up one's arse?! Kinky!

You should investigate before jumping to conclusions. I didn't know people still wrote their phone numbers down on paper.. These days you just get a friend request on Facebook.

This is extremely not jumping to conclusions. No further investigation needed?!

#12 then you spend way to much time on the computer, and what more does he need to investigate she gave his friend number while on a date with him that's all he needs to know

So his friend definitely isn't making it up or playing some kind of stupid joke on him?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

113--I agree with you. A few people on here have made this observation but most just think ops friends word is the gods honest truth. Friends backstab friends. .Lifes shit sometimes.

My boyfriends friend lied and said I was cheating. It caused a lot of fights. Things like this do happen :(