By Anonymous - 15/01/2011 10:19 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at my girlfriends house. After having sex, we went downstairs to where the rest of the family was. At this point I did not realise that I had a used condom stuck to my foot. The family did. FML
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YDI for having sex while the family was still home.

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That's right, folks! I just made your little girl come three times! What's for dinner? I'm staved.


fail! strangely enough they didnt realise.

YDI for not inviting the whole family to join in the fun.

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how did it get on your foot? O.o

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Rule #1: do not have sex in the house full of family members. YSDI

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Condom goes on the penis, not on the foot.

29, why not? the thrill of getting away with that is fun. op was just an idiot and got caught. this is why the mile high club is so amazing

YDI for having sex while the family was still home.

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What's wrong with sex when the family's there?

Sex, it's the activity the entire family can enjoy!

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#3 fails ass like OP....sad, just sad.

where did you think the condom went? no thoughts on clean up?

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seriously. you didn't think to throw the thing away after so u just threw it on the ground. ydi

Why do my comments appear randomly? it's almost like every other one.

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Did you just throw it on the floor after you finished?