By TrueScotsman - United States
Today, I wore my kilt to the university I attend. Getting tired of the stares which I was receiving, I yelled "It's cause its too big to fit in my pants". As soon as the words left my mouth, a gust of wind came and blew my kilt up around my waist, revealing that my previous claim was untrue. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

1. You're in Alabama, not Sctoland. In's called a dress...not a kilt. 2. You didn't wear underwear? Seriously? 3. You made an extremely cheesy comment to justify the fact that you were wearing a DRESS!

Let me ask you something...should you really be attending a university?

  wellduh  |  0

Um actually, a skirt for cross-dressers is...a skirt.
A kilt, on the other hand, while technically a skirt, is a garment traditionally worn by men.


A kilt == a dress. A dress, worn by females and cross-dressers exclusively, begins at the torso and finishes somewhere between thighs and calves. A kilt is a plaid wool traditional garment similar to a skirt that begins at the waist and ends just above the knee. A kilt is worn by males in Scottish tradition, but "s3xy" versions are worn by females and highland dancers, who are now more commonly female, wear a traditional kilt, but without a sporran and with some changes to other components of the outfit.

Hmm, that wasn't funny at all.

  livgasms  |  4

lol I'm Scottish and for me a kilt is only acceptable at a wedding or a rugby match lol. and guys in kilts at weddings are hot, it's just one of those things.
but wtf you don't wear them to uni in America. are you even really scottish, or are you one of those infinitely irritating Americans who claims to be Irish or Scottish because your ancestors who moved to the US were Irish or Scottish? because if you are then you deserve all the mean ignorant stuff people are saying.

  Link5794  |  18

I hate all of you. Well, most of you.

By  derschadenfreude  |  5


You have broken the fake law. Your penalty for lying is one playing card.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a fake court of fake law. You have the right to an fake attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, a fake one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?