By sandyseashells10 - United States
Today, I went to the waterpark and my kids were fighting so I grounded them both. We concluded the day by boogey boarding on a mechanical wave. There was so much water I didn't realize my boobs had completely fallen out of my bikini. As revenge, my kids didn't tell me. FML
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  boatkicker  |  4

Probably because water parks are fairly expensive to get into and OP didn't want to have wasted the money. The grounding was probably for once they got home, for X amount of days.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Boobs don't flop. They'd have to be very VERY saggy to be flopping. Like 97 year old saggy. Boobs are hemispheres, they can't very well "flop." Also, you'd have to be purposefully moving in a way to get them to "flop."

  beccusmaximus  |  0

Actually, I think it'd be even easier to feel if there's water sloshing all up on your exposed breasts. I guess some people are just totally unaware of their own bodies.

  the101dan  |  0

You all fail at life, besides 153. Water was already splashing at her breasts (inside the bra) before they popped out. How do you think the bra moved enough to expose her boobs? Loose bra and/or high water pressure. Either way, the water was splashing at her naked breasts the whole time.


I know how it feels lol you can tell these things. You aren't a woman, therefore you wouldn't know what it feels like. Unless you have man boobs and wear bikinis to waterparks, then you might know.[:


Read the FML. They were little kids, so when the OP used the term fighting she meant they were full out beating the shit out of each other, not arguing with each other like they were sensible adults.


I'm making a logical generalization dickbeard. Age of 0 - 14 = little kid in my opinion. Early teenagers do not fit the description of a regular teenager, so they are deemed "little kid".