By sandyseashells10 - 13/11/2010 06:29 - United States

Today, I went to the waterpark and my kids were fighting so I grounded them both. We concluded the day by boogey boarding on a mechanical wave. There was so much water I didn't realize my boobs had completely fallen out of my bikini. As revenge, my kids didn't tell me. FML
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hungarian93 0

why wuld u ground them. then let them play more? makes no sense. bad parenting. ydi


op, idea of not leaving the water park immediately when you (apparently) grounded them

mintcar 9

76, I agree. " I'm going to GROUND YOU, but first we should continue to have fun and more fun."

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fakeaccountX 6

Nothing like a pair of exposed chesticles.

well op means either out of place. or for me since im a gamer it means overpowered

RedJester23 6

how come this doesn't happen to any hot chicks at the water park when I'M there?!?!!?

RedPillSucks 31

I loves me some organic free-range pussy

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do her nipples not have any sensation in them or something? there is a difference between water and the texture of a bathing suit.

hungarian93 0

why wuld u ground them. then let them play more? makes no sense. bad parenting. ydi

they were fighting, not playing. there's a difference

boatkicker 4

Probably because water parks are fairly expensive to get into and OP didn't want to have wasted the money. The grounding was probably for once they got home, for X amount of days.

TheBestManEver 0

oh I get it now. #35 that's funny and pathetic at the same time XD

don't worry 35 that's what I though it was when I first saw it.

Sometimes, as a parent, you need to sacrifice your own fun in order to teach you children. I completely agree with the bad parenting comment.

62 well, they certainly won't think that's for sure :D

how the he'll did you not notice your boobs flopping everywhere?

Boobs don't flop. They'd have to be very VERY saggy to be flopping. Like 97 year old saggy. Boobs are hemispheres, they can't very well "flop." Also, you'd have to be purposefully moving in a way to get them to "flop."

#39 I have small boobs and I'd still notice if they were exposed.

you can tell when you don't have something covering you boobs. small or big, perky or saggy.

chinadollsierra 0

Maybe she just has her boobs out a lot so she didn't notice because she was so used to the feeling? xD

"There was so much water that I didn't realize..." Read the post correctly?

chinadollsierra 0

Water makes no difference. You can always tell when your boobies are out.xP so like I said, it's most likely typical for her to be naked.xD

Actually, I think it'd be even easier to feel if there's water sloshing all up on your exposed breasts. I guess some people are just totally unaware of their own bodies.

You all fail at life, besides 153. Water was already splashing at her breasts (inside the bra) before they popped out. How do you think the bra moved enough to expose her boobs? Loose bra and/or high water pressure. Either way, the water was splashing at her naked breasts the whole time.

chinadollsierra 0

I know how it feels lol you can tell these things. You aren't a woman, therefore you wouldn't know what it feels like. Unless you have man boobs and wear bikinis to waterparks, then you might know.[:

It's kinda the same way for men and swimming trunks kinda hard to miss the feeling if them sliding off

awks 0

hahaha Yo kids are da best (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So the boys got back at you by neglecting to tell you the "girls" came put to play.

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Your lucky some horny teenager didn't cop a feel.

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TheBestManEver 0

Read the FML. They were little kids, so when the OP used the term fighting she meant they were full out beating the shit out of each other, not arguing with each other like they were sensible adults.

y don't you read it? it doesn't say they were little kids they could have been 11ish

TheBestManEver 0

I'm making a logical generalization dickbeard. Age of 0 - 14 = little kid in my opinion. Early teenagers do not fit the description of a regular teenager, so they are deemed "little kid".

i think that 0-8 is more like little kid, if at 14 someone called me little kid i would feel incredibly patronized

boatkicker 4

Little Kid- under 8. After that point, the "little" gets dropped and it's just "kid"

14 is a little kid? I'm sorry, but 14 isn't an early teenager. Little kid = 0-8. Kid = 9-15.

lalagirl912 0

0-7 little kid 8-11 kid 12-15 teen.