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  DarksideDoll  |  31

I have a birthmark under my left eye (much bigger than a tear drop though) & it's occasionally fun to come up with a wild story for it's origin. :P
It's never affected my life in a negative way, aside from the occasional stare or impolite remark, but that never bothered me. My parents taught me at a young age to take it in stride, n to handle the situation with tact & consideration. Most people just don't know what it is!
Congrats on your baby girl OP! :D

  oj101  |  33

I've never heard of a prison teardrop tattoo, so it can't be too bad. My cousin had a birthmark and was allowed to undergo (laser) surgery when she was 6. Of course, by that time her birthmark will stretch and fade out. It's not like she will be called an ex-con, since she's so young. OP is very lucky to have a healthy baby :)

  wlddog  |  14

Sounds like someone has never been locked up.

The tear drop tattoo is pretty well known.

This OP is so badass even his kid has a teardrop tattoo. Just incase you didn't know 39, you will never be that badass.

  doodlecloud  |  26

I just googled 'teardrop tattoo' to see which corner it was under...I'll be honest, the tattoos look like birth marks/beauty spots, not the other way around. They're tiny and in the same area that women have drawn on beauty spots for really not a big deal. She may even love it when she's older if she likes that kind of style.

  KareBear7364  |  5

Seriously, #4 calm your shit. Op said his daughter is perfect in every way. But, who wants their kid to have what looks like a tattooed teardrop under their eye? That's something only criminals have.

  jmcr  |  27

What makes a teardrop tattoo so special for criminals anyways and sorry i was tired so i read it as he meant for all tattoos at the time

By  fckwhyme  |  11

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  jackiemora  |  18

It's not his birthmark for it to bother. Like everyone else said, that shouldn't stop him from loving her especially because she did come out healthy.
And OP, a birthmark is nothing compared to what she could have came out with.

  Mauskau  |  35

Yes, but if that's his only complaint and he's worried it could cause her problems in life he can ask to get it removed. But I'm sure his child looks fine. But yeah you should love your child no matter what, at least he has one.