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Today, I had to call AAA because not only did I lock my keys in the car, I also locked in my toddlers. FML
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Yikes! I hope it's not too warm where you are. : ( At least it turned out okay.


The toddlers could have been in a car seat.

Oh good point. I didn't think about that. >:o

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My mom locked me in the car when I was a toddler and had to motion for me unbuckle my car seat and there was a blizzard outside with the car off! I was freezing! BTW I was three, and it's not that hard to get out of a car seat.

Right 46, because car seats aren't completely different now than they were 10 years ago.

antoine it doesn't mean they are bad parents

omg I'm pretty sure I was right next to this car today =-o

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aaa is for gays and canadians it's all about onstar and hamiltons baby

when I was young my mom locked me in the car with the keys inside and I was stuck in my car seat and had no idea how to get out

And thats when you break the window with your elbow or a rock! YDI for NOT ONLY LOCKING YOUR KEYS IN THE CAR BUT YOU LOCKED YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR AND WAITED UNTIL AAA CAME THATS CHILD ABUSE you should get creative when that happens they couldve suffocated assuming YDI left the windows rolled up bcuz you obviously lost your mind

#122, stfu. You obviously don't understand what constitutes abuse. It isn't abuse to lock your kids in the car BY ACCIDENT. Yes, it was a stupid mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. EVERYONE ON EARTH makes mistakes now and then. Yeah, this was a big one, but that doesn't make it abuse. Also, don't blow this out of proprtion. It would have taken HOURS on end for those kids to suffocate. Lord, how people can make things bigger than they are...

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I'm mexican not only did I know how to unlock a car I knew how to drive it change brake pads...and steal it the age of 5 thx u

Toddlers can't unlock doors, but they should learn how to smash windows! Imaright?

Wow humans sure have gotten to be a smart species over the generations. Wonders of evolution are takin effect right now.

@#122 There is no way they'd suffocate in the car, it's not airtight. If left in the sun the car could heat up, and the children might dehydrate. AAA would be there long before that's could become a problem. If it's cold out - well smashing the window would be somewhat counterproductive.

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lol my mom returned a rental car and left my 6 month old brother in it (back when he was an only child) and didn't realize it until she was driving away.

Most seats are child proofed. It's hard as hell for me to get my daughter out of her seat. But to the OP, you are an idiot. Pay more ******* attention. Never close the doors until you have your kids out.

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maybe op was going to the bak to get hrr kids and closed the front door b4 realizing she left the keys

You're an idiot. lrn2punctuate. Also, you're wrong, but that's less important.

Yikes! I hope it's not too warm where you are. : ( At least it turned out okay.

How can u do that? And why did u lock the doors?

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some newer cars lock automatically.

I don't have power locks and always lock my daughters door after putting her in her car seat. it's for safety

once I drive over 5 mph my doors lock. But, after locking myself out once, I now keep a keep taped inside my gas tank that will open the door.

Lots of parents just throw keys and phones and stuff in diaper bags to be put in the car, then don't realize it when they go to get in themselves

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at least you didn't do it on purpose like some parents. hopefully help got there quickly.

You could tie with Fred Phelps for parent of the year.

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Thank God you remembered your phone.

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Maybe he got his phone after and posted it? Thats way more logical

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Um, it clearly says "call AAA". Therefore, OP had a phone.

Maybe he used his phone to call AAA. I think that's even more logical.

Wait... He remembers his phone... And forgets his kids? I think the toddlers should be the ones posting this.

perhaps the OP got out of the car, closed his/her door, and went to open the back doors to get the kid when he/she realized it was locked. the cellphone could also already be in the person's pocket and therefore they didn't need to remember to get it. people judge way too quickly..

There are holes in your logic. If that was the case. Why didn't he get back in through the door he had just emerged from.

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71 it said closed his/her door

some cars lock doors automatically the moment they close, FYI.

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glad you got your phone or your kids could of called cps

42- First of all, this contributor was stressing that having a phone was critical in such a situation; the contributor obviously knew that OP had a phone. Secondly, arrogant and noncomprehensive bitches don't belong in FML comment sections... Consider changing your screen name, to whomever the user of "TheGenius" may be. =/

you NEVER leave little kids or animals in cars like that

Well, no shit. Too bad you didn't read the part where it was an accident.

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How do you accidently leave your kid in the car? Oops I forgot my kid!

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Actually, this happens all the time. Some cars will lock the doors automatically under certain circumstances. The police are use to getting calls to unlock cars w/ kids inside.

Why no animals? Oh right, some people care for those.

No, you don't say? It was an ACCIDENT.

Docscientist> And? Just because it was an accident doesn't make it ok. It's still irresponsible behavior. I can kill someone in a car accident but it's just an accident!!!

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You can accidentally lock yourself out when going from your door to theirs or vice versa. Unless you take your kids out the driver's door with you.

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If my kids were in there, I'd break the window to get in. Are your kids worth more than $200?

If the kids weren't scared and weren't in any immediate danger then there is no need to break the window.

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well I don't think the kids were in the drivers seat retard

I would break the windows.. but I'm down south where the humidity is hell and it's ******* hot... so yeah :)

What are you going to have on or around you that's going to break a window?

I agree with 29 plus even AZ where it is very hot it's only 55 today do unless the kids are in danger it's not worth risking flying glass at them

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In Texas it was 89 today, and if you break the drivers window or the front passenger window, it's unlikely that the kids will be "impaled". Especially since most cars come with safety glass that doesn't leave big shards, just sorta crumbles. I wouldn't hesitate a second to bust out a window.

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I think there are windows now that when slightly hit will shatter but in a stack of pancakes position equalling a small possibility of harm outcome my cousin has these. OP this is why you should have a spare key in your pocket at all times.

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By the way, 33, if you have shoes, keys, a shirt to wrap around your elbow, a big rock laying on the ground... Improvise. It's your kids, I'd smash off a side view mirror and throw it through the window if I had to.

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........if I was going to break a window I would tell them to get away from it first, or break one away from them.

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If the kids are in no danger, why not just wait for AAA? It's not like the car is stuck on train tracks or something.

windows are made really hard today, the amount of force you need to break a window with your elbow should leave the window cracked and your elbow broken...

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Not the driver/passenger window. those are engineered for this purpose so that in an emergency you can break them fairly easily and without splintering glass everywhere.

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112-Actually, I'm pretty sure they are (Badass name by the way)

118. please stop. windows are not meant to shatter in case you lock your kids in the car. well, at least not here in America. I can't speak for the rest of the world.

Auto glass is made to shatter into little tiny pieces so it wont harm people in the car as bad. so shards wouldnt hit the kids... but the little pieces might... and it is rather hard to break with your bare hands/ elbow... i kno i cant do it ( ive tried) and as for the big rock idea i dont kno about where youre from but around here most parking lots dont have those just lying around ... unless theyre in someones yard that would be a possibility i guess... so yea its not like its gonna take hours for AAA to get there and im sure the hotter it is wherever this took place the faster they would respond

I'm sorry, but what's the point of that? They're toddlers. AAA is typically a fast company, they aren't going to suffocate or dehydrate in the amount of time AAA will need to get there. Why end up spending an extra $200 and risk injuring your children when you can call someone to do their job. I'm just sayin' :)

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Trust me, I work on cars for a living. It comes straight from the factory like that so if you flip your car or something, you're not trapped in your car. And realistically, if my kids weren't in immediate danger, I would wait too. I'm just saying that I'd do it if I had to.

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I have broken my window out before with my elbow, it hurt like hell, but I got my keys out. And I live out in the boonies of Texas, so there are quite often rocks/pieces of broken road laying around.

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If you break a window glass could go flying and permanently damage the kids.

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it happens. at least it's not summer time and usually with an emergency like that AAA comes right away. don't worry about it OP