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Today, I was at a water park with my family. While on the 100ft slide, my father decided it would be a great idea to pants me. I slipped and went down the 100ft slide naked for everyone to see. FML
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x805xUnknown 6

Good family structure. It's nice to know Dads these days expose their kids for the world too see.

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softballgirl16 0


uhazsquiads 0

lol that sounds fun... not the naked part though O_o

ahaha 100 ft... i bet it was fun though.. if you closed your eyes?

MarkerofMagic 0

hahaha If you have it flail it hs a whole new meaning

cool dad, that sucks though. did u stay at the water park

mesnugglez 0

haha nice

Well im guessing you're all wet huh?

YDI for being at a water park with your family. While on the 100ft slide, your father decided it would be a great idea to pants you. You slipped and went down the 100ft slide naked for everyone to see.

sooo you didn't wear anything under the pants?

missmurderx 8

30, I would imagine he was wearing swimtrunks. >.<

destinyisdead 5

a long as you're not a fat bitch then that should have been hot.

oboewhore_xD 6

39, it wasn't gay until you said "no homo". ^^

Melaniee_fml 0

that's really creepy that your dad did that.

ravensunnyd 0

that would hurt if you were a boy but be relly funny

lizzilla8297 2


YDI for having a family.

pingpongpenguin 3

what a perv

BuckTeeth_12 0

let me guess. ur dad has a mustashe

Hey at least your ass cheeks didnt get caught on anything when you were gong down the slide...sometimes those slides have small gaps, and with clothes you dont notice but I bet if you went over them bare-ass that it would hurt like a bitch

Agreed with #1. FYL for having a small penis.

iTzAeroz 0

lol it would be funny if a hot lifegaurd tried to help op up and he got a boner

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

Oh it's not normal to go down slides naked? Dammit, I guess I'll have to start wearing a lame ass bathing suit.

Pics or it didn't happen >> <<

BallinJ 0

ydi for ur dad wanting to see ur private areas. he probably molested u when u were young, too.

skroal, nobody thinks ur funny. ur a fucking loser with no life who thinks he's funny but really isn't. go cut ur wrist somemore u emo bastard and stop posting on fml. that is all

BallinJ 0

yea 97 seems mad. and the yankees are douchebags.

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0


Maybe someone would agree with you 97 if you learned to spell "you". *Puts on grammer Nazi hat*

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

It's spelled grammar! *Puts on English teacher hat*

:( Got me there.

101 - Lol, the Yankees are douchebags.

least u wont get that hardcore wedgie, lmao

TheHappyOne_Px 0

skroal(: i love your posts


_Vamp_ 9

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool cause ya daddy pulled em' down :D

how did you bathing suit come all the way off? once he pantsd you did you jump put of ur trunks around ur ankles? anyways hopefully you were in one with a cover tube thing around it. just stay at the end where the water is if it happens next time. l say next time cuz clearly op isn't still in the water.

of 126 loves skroals post how is 97 right?

Kyto7884 0

23- you're not funny at all. get a life.

BallinJ 0

yeah if he pants u, how did they go all the way off and why did go ahead and slide down anyways?

it's either he was going down head first or after his dad pants him his dad pushed him down.....we will never know

133- it said he slipped but the trunks what happened to them. did his dad take em off his ankles and just throw em and tyring to retrieve them op slipped to the bottom? well if op gets on here he'll clear it up!

scoal sucks these monkey nuts

I love people who think they're cool bitching at people who don't spell correct cause I just don't give a fuck! I'm on my iPod so I'm not going to bother with typos. and I'm not stupid, I have a master's in buisnes and srry I love baseball my whole life and the Yankees have been my team since the 80's so fuck off. just cause I dnt spend all day on here comenting and arguing and posting dome comments like skroal. we get the fml we don't need u to retype it u fucking loser! get a fucking life!

christa953 12

is your dad 10?

jennniferlea 4

skroal's my hero.

LMAO..."posting dome comments".....comments about head ahaha

luckymay 0

YDI for writing this on FML :)

#141, I won't even bother with the rest of your errors, as they are so many. However, if you really have a master's degree in business, I'd like to think you could at least spell your field of expertise correctly.

Brittney_E 0

63 made me lol(: favorited :D

23- I love how you do that to every FML

pics or it didnt happeb

TwoStrikeBadAss 0

35 You are way to fucking blind to what you think is HOT asshole, One girls trash is another girls treasure grow the fuck up

100ft o slide mark :)

oarisimo 4

35 obviously it wasn't a girl because if it WAS then just pulling down the bottoms wouldn't make her naked, she'd have a top on still. common sense.

oarisimo 4

I meant 39 too

imthatguythatdid 0

thk you at least someone agrees with me tht some ppl are morons and give the most stupidest reasons do have a YDI

endawmyke 0

I hope op's dad dies

52: It would hurt for a girl, too. And maybe cause an infection. 141: If you really DGAF, why bother announcing that you have a Master's? Why bother replying at all?

thatisjank 0

23 you're not funny.

fmylife82 0

and then I jizz in my...ermmm on the slide. I'm perfectly normal but there's something wrong with my dad an there's gonna need to be a clean up at 25 ft!!! haha I'm sorry OP. ps wat does op stand for?

theOriginalBAM 0

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op boy or girl? if a boy, then I know from exprience that hurts your testicles very badly

puppytaco64 8


I can't see this SKroal guy's posts, just the one guy raging at them, followed by a dozen guys saying his posts are awesome, followed by the same guy raging more.

azreal_13 0

is the op male or female?? it doesn't say on mah iPhone

lalalaloveit 0

FYL, I moderated this by the way (:

twinny_sc 13

Wow so did hundreds of other people! :o

what type of dogs are they?

x805xUnknown 6

Good family structure. It's nice to know Dads these days expose their kids for the world too see.

adoraaaa_fml 0

good times?

He pants you? So he put some pants on you ... What's so bad about that??

mandypandy11 0

you're dumb..

it means he pulled down his pants

ok that means he pulled their pants down.

cloudpuncher 0

hahaha sucksssss

I dont think this is an FML, embarrassing for sure, but not something to " fuck your life" maybe a "fuck my day" OP, your dad is a fuckin genius! comical genius! , slightly immature but totally great timing. :) i lol'd at this

fml aren't really fuck my lifes. even though people say that millions of times... and it could ruined op's life if some1 took pics and posted them on the Internet

twinny_sc 13

He does sound like a cool guy huh?

Haaaaa thats great I wanna giv ur dad a hi 5

This sentence is a grammar abomination! I can not even begin to correct it without gagging. In the future, Please type properly from now on and save the world from one of the world's many grammar issues.

Grammar NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Holds spear to my head* *puts it back down* Maybe some other day... Who understands the reference?