By Anonymous - 13/11/2010 07:14 - United States

Today, I told my parents that I wanted a little brother. My dad apparently thought it would be funny to tell me that my mom just swallowed my little brother. FML
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Epilepsy_fml 0

Darraghscott, are YOU really that stupid?

xFalzz 0

Because you didn't understand that #1 was obviously joking.

funzcpl 0

yes the mom kinda is a cannibal. just a little bit.

haha nice. OP your parents are a little too comfortable with you

82 - You're a fucknut. He looks nothing like Justin Bieber. He only has a similar hair style.

tory777 0

hahah. 'fucknut' (: how does he know it was a little brother? coulda' been a little sister.

well the op asked for a brother...and the mother only needed one boy out of over a million I'm pretty sure there was a boy in there

lalagirl912 0

111- fail! look at hid profile, fucknut

that was a stupid question... just look at his pic

who gives a ****...get this shit out of here

obviously hes saying it as a joke sooo in actual fact you all are dumbass'

#53 she's not a cannibal at all, she's just showing her love to her husband or she was tied to the chair abd spoon fed her actual child... whatevsss

142, they are actually dumbassES, and I would include you in that. Dumbass' is the possessive of dumbass which is also wrong as dumbass is singular so its possessive is still dumbasses

#166. Maybe he is saying we are all the possession of one dumbass? ?

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I LOVE blood on the dance floor

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5
xxxbooxxx 16

Blood on the dance floor is amazing :D

ImTheMusicDude 0

I'd like all of your blood to be on the dance floor — or any floor, really, as I'm not too picky — for posting what should be in your profile descriptions as comments.

Wait... if there's blood on the dance floor you might slip...

the BOTD song my Micheal Jackson is terrible too

I got my abs signed by jay at warped xD it was amazing BOTDF FOREVER, HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS! BITCH! ;D

You know what else is gross? Your profile pic. ._.

bconner028 0
dudeitsdanny 9

I don't care for them, but their temporary bassist is a posing dick who used to talk shit about them on Facebook before Davie asked him to join. He also used to talk shit about Jefree Star and now tweets him frequently. He's one of those West Hollywood people just a notch below Lohan in habits, and a thousand in fame. And yes, I know him. If BOTDF had a good rep, he'll probably take them down.

dudeitsdanny 9

I fail. It was a reply to the above, lol. It's obvious, but just in case.

hairt 4

bahahhaahahahaahahahaahah your dad needs that shirt that says "thousands of my potential children died on your daughters face tonight."

New favorite quote right there. I wonder how many children would really be out there...

funzcpl 0

I'm getting a bumper sticker to say that exact thing! that's sooooo funny

lurchin_10 0
teogaga 3

i think i'm gonna quote that on my next tattoo lol

i have that shirt!! omg i wear it all the time. funniest thing ever

AAShah 0

the way you laugh makes me believe you are a sheep.

Froley 0

Lmao. That's gross. YDI though for telling your parents that you want a little brother.

Agree. Why would OP want him to have another kid?

that really makes no sense and I really hate stupid-ass comments like that. they are the reason we can't have a unanimous vote on anything....the op definitely didn't deserve one does

People should NEVER push others to have a kid, unless the asker is willing to raise it. Get over it. you'll NEVER get a unanimous vote. quitcher whining.

dva976 7

Yeah!!! Way to go mom!! Woohoo!! That's a woman that knows how to please her man!

Oh my god, this is hilarious I was breaking up laughing on this

Technically unless your mom eats fetuses, she didn't really swallow your little brother.

Ali_Br_fml 33

maybe the seamen that they were growing in a fish tank, an a woman who got raped, and the cops found semen on her. the kids thought they did it with their seamen, and were in trouble. quite a funny ep. & fyl op, your dad is nasty for telling his child that!!! TMI man... Parenting Fail. I T_T 4 U OP...

The episode about Christopher Reeve eating fetuses for their stem cells, in order to gain mobility.

Epic_Phale615 0

Stop being technical and just laugh at OP's misery ;).